1 Japanese officer with planes

5 English photos showing WW I aircraft factory employing women

6 important photographs of experiment showing parachuting off the Eiffel Tower, c. 1909

1 Dufour helicopter

19 Images of the 1911 Aero Salon shown at the Grand Palais in Paris.

3 photographs showing Berlin flights from 1911

32 photos many showing aviators

11 photographs to do with parachutes including one of Roger, the inventor


22 photos depicting shots related to an early airplane engine, probably gnome.

56 photographs c. 1911 of competition for the Michelin cup.

19 miscellaneous photos of early flyers many in air, including some who met early


19 WW I aerial photographs

13 photographs depicting early experiments with planes on the water.

21 photographs of Bleriot and his various planes

29 miscellaneous French photos including parachuting and in air pictures, circa 1911-13.

36 miscellaneous photos related to flying and competitions c. 1909-10.

9 photos of Latham’s attempt to cross the English Channel before Bleriot.

8 photos of an early competition

2 early air-to-air photos.

51 miscellaneous photos, many early aerials

1 photograph of Bleriot lying in state.

1 Le Bourget Voisin battle plane leaving for front 1915, 8 x 10

1 reconnaissance photograph from the front WW I, 8 x 10

1 double mounted, WW I photo

1 signed, mounted, WW I photo

1 photo of Captain Ferber with plane, 1908. (He was killed in 1909.)

1 showing Ader plane in flight, 1892

10 cards in a set of post cards showing conquerors of the air from 1810-1911, all


5 caricatures of aviators from 1909

9 postcards aviation related

29 aviation related from various countries

100 negatives (approximate) related to various countries by Mrs. Florence Graves 5 x8

and never published relating to Santo Dumont and other subjects.

1 Sidmouth and Devon photograph composite, 1913-14


1 Strauss-Peyton studio. Portrait of Wiley Post, 11 x 14 print c. 1930

1 Will Rogers standing in front of his plane, an 8 x 10 print

2 Santos Dumont platinum photographs in front of building showing another man using

hand gestures how he fell into the Mediterranean.

1 CDV of Nadar posed in his balloon, c. 1865

1 Portrait of Samuel Langley, matted

1 Portrait of Otto Lilienthal, matted from the Jacobi studio.

2 photographs. One original post card and an 8 x 10 enlargement of Cal Rodgers, the first

man to fly across country, 1911.

15 photographs, portraits of Glenn Curtis, Eugene Ely, and other American aviators, c.


4 lantern slides of Curtis, Baldwin, etc.

l photograph of Ruth Gillette, aviator, matted, c. 1915

1 autographed photograph of Bleriot, dedicated to the doctor who treated him after his

aviation accident in Constantinople, 1909, photo by Manuel.


1 photograph of Lincoln Beachy, matted, 8 x 10 inches in front of his plane.

1 photograph showing Roy Hamilton in plane, matted, c. 1910

1 photograph of Hamilton with John Green, Union reporter.

1 8 x 10 of Terrill in a Curtiss plane, 1913

1 photo of Marion Davies learning to fly, 8 x 10, c. 1930.

1 showing Omar Locklear changing planes in midair

1 showing Brayton Nichols, an earl aviator.

1 photo post card of Roy Hamilton

1 photo of pilot Latham signed by Minard, 1911.

1 photo postcard showing the Bleriots in Dover, July 25, 1909

1 photo on silk of woman aviator, Amy Johnson

11 photos, each 8 x 10 showing Roscoe Turner, includes one transparency.

58 photographs of Amelia Earhart, related to her flights and appearances, all c. 1930s,

press prints with captions, two matted.

11 Lindberg photos including one hand colored portrait matted.

4 of Admiral Moffett, each 8 x 10

45 miscellaneous press photos of aviators c. 1930, some unidentified.

26 aviation photos showing pilots in and around Dayton from teens and earlyu twenties,

several by Mayfield including a photograph of Stevens, stratospheric flyer.

1 photo of Ray and the crash that killed him, 1920.

12 miscellaneous photos

19 press photos depicting aviators, many 8 x 10

1 portrait of Doug Wrong Way Corrigan

1 picture of Richthofen, the Red Baron.


1 Oakland, Calif. Airport with plane at night.

4 Canadian jet photos in air

7 of the Barling bomber, c. 1922.

70 photographs of the Curtiss sparrow hawk and other planes capable of hooking up to

airships such as the Macon and Akron. Includes several showing stages of hook up.

All c. 1933, each 8 x 10. Typed memorabilia included.

6 miscellaneous including one U.S. air mail plane in flight.

31 photos related to commercial aviation between 1930-50s.

3 color photos of the Spruce Goose, each 8 x 10

3 photos of around the world flight in 1924, all taken in Alaska.

23 photos of Eastern air lines

26 photos of a German air show in Berlin c. 1930

40 photos of constructing planes, interiors, etc.

2 photos depicting a stunt flier.

8 showing commercial and experimental planes.

50, approximately, of navy planes from the 30s, 8 x 10

30, approximately, of navy planes from 30s, smaller prints.

11 photos depicting plane crashes.

32 photos related to sea planes


47 photos related to 1922 airplane races in Detroit, shown on 7 sheets.

32 French photos c. 1939-40 related to military, some aerials.

76 planes on ground, less than 8 x 10, some Mayfield

52 larger planes on ground including Mayfield, 8 x 10 or larger.

18 U.S. navy aircraft, construction and finished

26 small shots of planes in the air.

65 larger, at least 8 x 10 shots of planes in the air including air to air fueling etc.

16 miscellaneous advertising, parachutes, etc.

4 of world fliers 1924, New York

1 of simulated attack from air

50 photographs of United Air Lines flight operations c. 1935


3 albumen prints by Dagron of 1878 stationary balloon at Paris Expo.

1 photo of Soviet Stratospheric balloon, 1934

1 showing Shenendoah dirigible in the air.

Following are from the Doughty collection

23 photographs taken around and from first moving balloon trip near Hartford Conn. In


3 original drawings by Mrs. Doughty of balloon trip.

1 original Century Magazine from 1886 with article on the balloon trip, and article by the

photographer, both illustrated with items in this collection.

20 photographs 1897 showing equipment, preparation, and finally departure for North

Pole by Andre expedition. Four are by Hasselblad.

1 movie still of Jack Holt in “Dirigible”

45 original photographs showing shots along the Rhine of cities and countryside, all

taken from dirigibles that ran between Berlin and Vienna, many from altitudes low

enough to see spectators below. C. 1911-13.

20 balloon ascensions and flights including Piccard c. 1930s, 8 x 10 inches, between

1870 and 1938.

1 rare stereo image showing Nadar’s ascent in the “Giant”, c. 1860.

4 photos of Santeny’s balloon before its ascent and aerial views of France c. 1890.

1 German drawing of a balloon and its route.

6 photos of balloon or dirigible construction.

4 humorous drawings in watercolor of WW I depicting German army and balloons.

8 photos of stratosphere balloon and pilots and bowl

6 large 8 x 10 photos of Graf Zeppelin by Hans Baron, 1930

6 rare photos of the Roma in the air and the wreck, 1922

18 Photos relating to England RAF dirigibles including a large photo of R 101

and a pamphlet about it.

13 large airship photos 8 x 10 or larger

10 post card size photos of the zeppelin, Victoria Luise c. 1913

2 additional photos of an Andre related balloon station, and the Norge used by

Amundson, 1926.

15 smaller dirigible photos


7 very rare original photo postcards depicting Otto Lilienthal in flight and on the ground.

Lilienthal inspired the Wright Brothers. Printed c. 1920

2 post cards of Roy Knabuschue’s dirigible with an original letter.

4 photos showing men involved in building or flying Graf including Derr and Eckner,

2 photos showing parts of Graf.

9 parachute photos showing construction of parachutes or jumps.

1 photo post card of Count Zepplin.


23 photos of the Dominguez Hills air meet from January, 1910. Smaller prints showing

Knabuschue’s dirigible and various planes.

1 program from the air meet.

1 composite photograph with 13 images of the Dominguez Hills Air meet.

38 photographs that form the Raillet Collection. The first air meet in the world took place

in Los Angeles under the auspices of the Aero Club in spring 1909. This collection

belonged to Raillet, the secretary of the club. None of the planes were able to fly, and for

this reason, the meet is no recorded in the history books. There is also a program of the

meet, and the revised 1911 constitution for the club.

34 packaged photos of the Graf Zepplin along with fabric and an autograph.

3 enlargements, c. 1950 depicting Eugene Ely’s flight off the Carrier Pennsylvania in

1911, the earliest flight from a carrier.

1 original print of Ely’s take off from the carrier Pennsylvania.

8 photographs depicting Ely flying off or landing on the Pennsylvania, 1911.

2 Kite photos on the Pennsylvania, 1911

1 rare balloon ascension from Ferndale Calif. 1871, This may be the earliest flight

recorded in California.

1 sheet with two photos of Ely including one of his leaving the Pennsylvania.

1 early flight at Tanforan race track near San Francisco.

1 stereo glass of a military balloon ascension.

7 miscellaneous dirigibles, parachutes, and balloons.

4 Goodyear blimp photos

2 Dutch balloon photos

12 photos of the Graf Zeppelin

1 photo from zeppelin of a wrecked merchant steamer 17 fathoms under the water.

1 long photo of the Graf Zeppelin.

4 balloon and zeppelin related.

5 misc. balloon and zeppelin postcards.

1 Large framed photograph of Spruce Goose landing in Long Beach Harbor



1 photo tintype studio pose in a plane.

19 photos mounted back to back on two sheets depicting first transatlantic flight in 1919,



5 photos of the Vin Fiz, first plance to fly across United State in 1911 by Cal Rodgers.

Crashed some 30 times along the way.

150 approx. of life at Eberts Field Arkansas depicting training for pilots doing aerial

surveillance in World War I including radio to ground contact, printing facilities for

photos, and training flights. All 1918-19.

32 photos related to Glenn Curtiss’ “America.” Many reproduced in contemporary books.

55 photos related to early aviation feats of Roy Hamilton, c. 1910-12

8 photos of flying frolic at Love Field, Texas, 1918.

3 photos of Reno Nevada air meet c. 1911.

20 photos related to Curtiss WWI planes and miscellaneous.

10 8 x 10 prints including Ely at an early Chicago air meet, c. 1910-11.

11 misc. Curtiss photos c. 1912.

1 Mounted photo of Baldwin plane and hanger.

41 original photo postcards from 1910-20.

1 WWI photo of planes over S. D. from Rockwell Field, 1918, large.

1 photos showing launch of parachute from plane, 1907.

32 miscellaneous smaller 4” x 6” photos showing flight training, early aerials, etc

22misc. smaller photos of planes and fliers.

2 images showing Ruth Law stunt flying in Sedalia Missouri, c. 1915.

6 post cards of faux flights.

7 photo lithographic post cards.

1 program of the Harvard-Boston aero meet from 1910, 48 pages.

1 blueprint of DeHaviland 4, 1939 air corps demo. Flyer

4 photos with wrecked or burning planes, dead pilots.

3 sheets with 24 planes per sheet identifying various WW I aircraft.

2 magic lantern slides of the Los Angeles air meet at Dominguez Hills.


4 lantern slides depicting Wright Brothers.

19 photos showing the Wright Brothers flying in the air mostly from Dayton from 1906-

12, several printed later.

1 showing them in Germany

22 showing experimental hydro planes shots on river near Dayton c. 1913.

38 showing people posed in the Wright flyer, some identified.

5 photos depicting experimental Wright gliders.

25 photos of Wright flyers at Simms Station where they experimented in Dayton. Shots

show planes, crowds, wooden hanger, etc.

34 photos showing Orville Wright with others and alone, some later.

11 showing Orville Wright family and homes

8 showing Orville and Wilbur together

1 of Wilbur, portrait

7 related to Wilbur Wright’s funeral in 1912

40 misc. including awards, wrecks, planes related to W and Orville.

2 large and small showing Orville and Macredy


First flight signed by Orville Wright.


20 original photos of WW in France at Anvours and Le Mans teaching the French how to

fly. In the air, on the ground, being interviewed, hanger, starting, etc.

2 postcards showing WW in France one with Count Lambert.

One photo of Ruth Law in Wright flyer.

One of a boy in the pilot seat of flyer

One of flier in take off

One of 5 photos in one mat of rare series of Wright flyer in Italy.

1 portrait of Orville

1 portrait of Orville at WWI ceremony

1 of Orville with unidentified man in flier.

1 showing Wright flight around stature of liberty 1909 by Bain

1 of Orville Wright taking off in air, 1909

1 photo in flight over Simms Station

1 photo with logo of Daily Mirror showing Orville and his sister Katherine feeding oxen,

signed by both and dated 1909.

1 Daily Mirror photo showing Wilbur in Flight, signed to McCoy, organizer of New

York meet by Wilbur Wright

One of Orville in flight, German post card.


One showing Orville together with Lindbergh


15 views of Chicago from the air in a folder, 1930s

8 views of Washington D.C. 1921

135 views of San Francisco and the Bay Area, all 11 x 14 by Fred Mae Aerial Co. 1938-

39, includes Treasure Island Exhibition.

2 of the 1932 Olympics by Spence in Los Angeles

35 of aerial survey in New York and New Jersey, c. 1937-39.

1 N.Y. skyline from 1927

26 of Dayton and vicinity by Mayfield, 1920s and later.

18 Los Angeles aerial views between 1923-55

1 Paris c. 1880

3 of Los Angeles in the 1960s

9 Paris photos c. 1930

1 by Capt. Stevens showing Dayton, 1925.

1 of Cheyenne Wyoming, 1934

1 Washington D.C. 1925

5 Aerials that depict Long Beach Calif. After the 1933 earthquake.


3 Fred Mae Bethleham Steel plant in Alameda, 1939.

10 Fred Mae on construction of the San Francisco Airport.

1 large photo, airfield Alaska

2 large German WWII 1940 aerials.

1 aerial showing an air meet in Buffalo.

1 Fred Mae showing half dome

5 color photos of the Spruce Goose

1 square photo of an airfield with bombed planes.

1 Steichen of Montfaucon, winter.

Following images are all square format approximateoly 9 x 9 from the WWII collection

of Major Chapman. All taken 1943-45.

1 of Alaska

6 showing Italin bombing sites

22 German bomb sites

7 Rescue off the N.E. coast of Mindanao.

26 D-day aerial surveys of coast and inland.

87 miscellaneous French or unidentified areas

9 of Paris

End of Chapman group.

The following are made by Mayfield of Dayton.

2 large Aerial views.

50 showing industrial sites and Midwestern towns.

1 of plane trailing smoke.

6 aerials of the white mountains

End of Mayfield photos


2 unidentified aerial views

16 miscellaneous views

8 views of New York from the air 1935-7

6 bomber formation flights

1 1927 old Glory proposed flight from N.Y. to Rome

27 aerial of different American cities, including, D.C., Tampa and

flooding in Hartford, Conn. Etc.

1 view of devastation of Hiroshima from the air

10 related to rice terraces and volcanic eruptions

9 showing U.S. airplanes over Alaska

6 Unidentified of planes on the ground

1 TWA in flight over Hoover dam

1 aerial of a parachutist

2 shots showing the delivering of the Sunday papers by seaplane to President Harding’s


3 showing Pano from the air, 1918


51 Misc. images taken in and around Northern New Jersey

51 misc. showing Flushing and the construction sites for the 1939

World’s Fair in Flushing meadow.

18 Long Island Misc.

17 showing Queens and Kew Gardens

8 of Manhattan from air

14 depicting various bridges in New York

15 misc and unidentified locations

14 Brooklyn including Williamsburg

4 from upstate New York

6 from Ohio

26 of locations in Vermont

6 showing locations in Conneticut.


Historic Aviation

2 Vue d’optiques depicting the ascent from Champs des Mars on August 27, 1783 of the

first flight of a Montgolfier balloon piloted by Robert, hand colored. The second shows

Rozier ascending on 23 June, 1784, also hand colored and with letterpress.

1 watercolor contemporary copy of 1843 engraving of “Ariel”, hand colored and copy

made by Constance Warburton, c. 1850.

1 hand colored photozincograph of “La Minerve” of Professor Robertson, pub. 1864

1 drawing depicting two men fighting with swords from adjacent balloons, an original

pen and ink drawing, possibly from the Franco Prussian war.

1 picture by Dagron showing Nadar doffing his cap in front of the captive balloon of

1878, 8 x 10 inches.

1 photograph by Black showing Boston “as the eagle and wild good sees it” an 1880s

oval copy of the original 1860 photograph, carbon oval print.


1 unidentified photgravure depicting Renard making the first directed flight above Paris

in 1885.

2 photographs showing the Tissandier Brothers in “La Nacelle”,an ascent using electrical

apparatus. Albumen prints, each 11 x 14 inches

2 photos enlarged by Paul Nadar in 1886 from views taken by the “Giant” shot by his

father, each one 16 1/2 x 24 inches.

1 cabinet card by Nicol showing Baldwin parachuting from a balloon in 1887.

3 photos of Samuel Langley experimental models, c. 1900. 1scale model 4 x 6 inches l

model in flight, 4 x 6 inches, 1 full model displayed, 10 x 13 inches.

2 photos by Rol showing Chanute gliding.

1 photograph of Lilienthal on the ground wearing his gliding apparatus, c. 1894, 11 x 14,

printed c. 1910 with a lengthy testimonial beneath in German and a seal nortarizing the



1 showing Graf near Lakehurst, 8-29-29

1 parachustist and robot balloon

3 large color lithos by Montaut, each 14 1/2 x 33, hand embellished showing zepplin,

Farman winning grand prize, and Wilbur Wright at Camp D’Auvour, c. 1908

1 panorama giants of the air, dirigibles and balloons at Lakehurst, by Clements, 1929, 9

1/2 x 13.

1 Navy dirigible docked, taken from inside hanger, c. 1930

2 large photos showing Roy Knabenshue flying his dirigible above the Raymond hotel in

Pasadena in 1912, each image 9 1/4 x 13.

1 photograph showing four different shots of survivors of one family in the hospital after

the crash of the Hindenberg with a news story printed on side, 11 x 16”, 1937.

8 additional matted photographs of the Hindenberg crash with news stories, all

approximately 11 x 14 inches, 1937

1 photo of the dirigible “Akron” over the Goodyear hanger in Akron, c. 1930. Large mat


1 photo showing a double exposure of Graf, 1929.

1 R-1 Navy Zeppelin over coast taken from an airplane, 8 x 10 1/2 inches

1 photo showing Graf leaving Lakehurst, 1928.

1 U.S. Navy dirigible docked

1 of the “Macon” at Sunnyvale

2 of “Macon” under construction

1 of the Graf 1929 by Hartman

1 of a zepplin over trees.

1 photo by Wilkins showing Mrs. Clara Adams and Webb Miller looking out the window

of the Hindenberg on its inaugural trip across the Atlantic.

1 #3 dirigible construction shot.

1 Goodyear blimp over beach

1 original photo postcard of the famous photograph of the Hindenberg in flames by Sam


2 very rare photo postcards showing German zeppelin raiders over England illuminated

by searchlights, c. 1918.

1 showing visitors or passengers posed in the gondala of a zeppelin.


1 photo depicting a dead balloonist in his gondala in Tennessee by Parnell.

2 photos by Branger of the dirigible Zodiac with copy.

2 photos showing officers of the R 34 British military zeppelin in the RA service on 6 18

19. The ship later crashed killing almost all.

1 Hindenberg with its nazi logo above New York City on the afternoon before its fatal

crash, sepia toned print 11 x 16 1/2.

1 Hollywood publicity still showing Laurel and Hardy riding a rocket, 8 x 10

1 shot from a film showing Ham and Eggs at the front riding on top a balloon c. 1918.

1 Victoria Luise zeppelin over Potsdam, c. 1911.

10 photos by the famed German photographer Petschow showing balloon, dirigibles, and

shots from the air, c. 1930.

1 large framed early dirigible landed with numerous people circling it taken by Rol, and

enlarged to 29 x 40 inches.

1 large interior of the Spruce Goose taken by Cox, 30 x 40 inches.


1 photo of the statue to Icarus, 12 x 9 inches, c. 1930

2 by Albert of Dayton, plane crash on Riverside Drive

1 Mayfield of bathing beauties and a United cigar plane.

1 unidentified shot of a crash by the Vin Fiz at night in Compton, Ca., 1911

1 Unidentified photographer, crash in France

1 Streib, phot. Brinks truck unloading cash to Western Air Express plane, c. 1930.

2 photos by unidentified photographer showing crash site and rescue of flier.

1 Mayfield photo of cloud study from a plane.

1 shot of a military airfield with night lights to direct planes in.

1 shot of navy destroyers and planes

1 photograph showing transport of the body of the Spruce Goose on L.A. streets, 1946

1 Robert Doisneau photo, signed, showed child being pulled down the street in a toy


1 Aaron Siskind of a toy plane on an abstrct airfield, c. 1940s.

4 various studies in a single mat, each with descriptive information on mount below,

of the Spirit of St. Louis in a Paris hanger, signed by Lindbergh.

1 Dritikol for a portrait study of a woman pilot.

3 photos showing Amelia Earhart, one taken in Paris after first oceanic flight.

1 French composite show various early aviators.

1 Rubelt showing German aviator Korfeld

1 unidentified done as a self-portrait while in cockpit.

1 bird impaled on wing.

1 showing a flying fish.

1 photo showing Blanquier demonstrating a parachute landing in Paris at Hall of


1 actual photo postcard of Dora Marr and friends posed in front of a painted picture of

Spirit of St. Louis at the Neuilly fete in 1927.

10 photos showing aviation parts of testing details.


23 matted photographs by Roy Knabenshue showing activities during the ten day meet of

aviators in January, 1910 at Dominguez Hills, Ca. Included are some aerials taken from

Knabaschue’s dirigible which flew above the activities.

4 miscellaneous views of the Dominguez Hills meet.


2 Kirmes, Harmon in his Farman, and Harmon in his Farman wrecked. Each print is 11 x

14 and made c. 1910.

1 Captain Buckham aerial view of Perth Australia w a plane c. 1930, 18 x 15

2 Kaufman/Weiner, Birdmen of the World banquet, 1911, 11 x 17, and Banquet by the

Aero Club of Illionois, 1912, 11 1/2 x 17.

4 photos by Branger composites each contrasting the airplane with other forms of

transportation. Each signed in the print, 10 x 14 1/2 c. 1915.

1 Kirmes of the Roe triplane, mounted and identified, c. 1910, 11 x 14 inches

1 Kirmes of the Dumont Demoselle, mounted and identified, c. 1910, 11 x 14 inches

10 large prints of training films in production during WWII, made by Army air force

motion picture unit, each image 16 x 20 inches and unmounted.

1 unidentified training formation in the west, c. 1935, 14 x 17 inches.

1 Army air corps formation of PB24as, 1937

1 Army air corps bomber under attack, training exercise, c. 1937

1 by Bob Neal showing Northrup planes in the air.

1 Van Posser, air to air shot, c. 1935, 10 x 13.

1 unidentified photographer shows plane taking mail w/o stopping through grappling


4 unidentified images taken at the Chicago Air meet with letter press, each 13 x 16

inches, c. 1911.

2 large hand tinted photos of Randolph Field, firs one shows squadron of planes and

grounds, second shows an aerial view of the complext, each.c. 1935, 16 x 20 inches.

1 photo showing 9 planes in vertical sequence shot from the air, 14 x 11 inches.

3 views by Hamilton Maxwell of New York City, c. 1930, keach 10 x 13 inches.

1 by Robert Barrows of Philadelphia signed and titled sky Patrol on mount, c. 1932, 18 x


1 unidentified mounted photo of an American Airlines plane receiving cargo by hand, c.

1940. 23 x 26 inches.


Unidentified, four 13 x 16 photographs taken at the Chicago Air meet with letterpress.

2 hand tinted photographs about 16 x 20 each of Randolph Field. First shows squadron of

planes and grounds, second is an aerial view of the complex. C. 1935

An 11 x 14 photograph showing 9 planes in a vertical sequence shot from the air.

Hamilton Maxwell. 3 Aerial views of NYC circa 1930, each 10 x 13 inches.

Christie, 2 early photos c. 1911 showing a race between a plane and a car at Phoenix,

Arizona Territory.

Composite of pilots and a military air training field.


Unidentified. Barling bomber. Entering the bomber for the first flight, 8 x 10 inches.

Art Smith, photographer. Motorboat racing Lincoln Beachy in a plane, S.F. Bay, c. 1910

Unident. Man sitting in a glider directly above airfield.

Unident. Composite photograph of International Air meet, Chicago, 1911 made for

company that made the grandstands, about 5 x 7 inches.

Unidentified. Plane in air with frozen smokescreen.

Unident. A composite showing various planes upside down and above right side up.

Mayfield. Six gyros in the air, 8 x 10 inches

Mayfield, Gyro over airfield with crowd, 11 x 14, c. 1930s

AP photo. Man floating in air with parachute

Unidentified news photo. Osborne’s parachute caught on tail of plane in 1931. He

survived and was rescued.

4 unidentified photos showing men jumping with parachutes all 8 x 10 or larger


2 photos Unident. Showing Curtis Scouts c. 1935

Unident. Formation flight, 3 x 3 inches

Unident. Plane to plane shot above clouds

Unident. Observation balloon, France, 1917

Branger, Latham flying at Nice

Branger, Alexander in Vendome monoplane

Branger, First photo in airplane, Chalon with Latham flying

Unident. Triptych shot from plane, Used in Photography Until

Now exhibition at MOMA 1990.

Branger, Paulhan’s plane in flight

Frampus, Pilot at helm of “Geant” 1943

Apeda, Hamilton in flight, 1910

Rol, Bleriot flying across the Channel, taken from ship.

Branger, Paulhan in a Voisoin plane

Clover Studio, early biplane shot from another, post card

Apeda, First water resuce by Robinson

Unidentified, Charles Boysdorfer in flight.

Underwood, Duetch’s “Ariel” in flight

Branger, Curtis in air at Bethany

Court, American Marchetti, 8 x10 c. 1930

Mayfield, Formation shot through plane wings in air, c. 1930

Unident. 9 Army Air Planes in close formation, c. 1935, 10 1/2 x

14, from the air

Unidentified, 8 Army planes vertical formaion c. 1935, 14 x 11, shot

From the air.

Air Service Photo, Early bomber in air, taken from air c. 1930, 8 x 10

Unidentified, two piecesk Army bilanes looping over citiy c. 1930, each 13 x 10

Cole,Antonette Monoplane in flight, 13 x10 signed in print, 1910, 13 x 10

Unidentified, Vin Fiz departing Long Ilsand for first cross country flight

With Cal Rogers at the control, 1911, 6 1/2 x 8 1/2


Mayfield, Two formation photos in the cloud, one mounted c. 1920s 3 1/2 x 4 1/2

Unidentified, Biplane upside down

Pacific and Atlantic Photo. News photo for June 25th, 1927 showing Lindbergh over


Unidentified, WWI? Photo of a pilot flying plane in the air, 8 x 10 inches.

Brown Brothers, Sepia toned photo of Curtiss flying June Bug, July 4, 1908. Won

Scientific American Trophy for flying 39 miles in hour, 7 x 10 inches.

Rol, Bleriot over Brittany, 31 Oct. 1908

Rol, Delagrange in flight, 1908

Unidentified, Paulhan and Harrison in Sunset flight, c. 1910

Mayfield, Early helicopter, c. 1918

Unidentified, Naval dirigable holding small attack plane, in air, c . 1930

Stieglitz, aeroplane, 1912, published in Camera Work, photogravure

Pacific and Atlantic, Chamberlin and Lefvine in the air over the water with

Photo of Chamberlin pasted over it. 8 x 10

Unidentified, Ford Trimotor in flight, c. 1930, 8 x 10

Bureau of Aero. Echelon formation, possible time lapse photo, 1927, 8 x 10

Bur. Of Aero. 2 biplanes in clouds, c. 1927, 8 x 10

Unidentified, Bomber formation in clouds, 1930, 8 x 10

Unidentified, 3 Spads in the air, 1924

Mayfield, Martin bombers in air over countryside, 9 planes, c. 1920, 9 1/2 x 13

Unidentified, Boeing Hornet taking off from Oakland airport at night-shot from

Plane above, c. 1930, 8 x 10

Mayfield, 18 planes over Dayton, c. 1930, 8 x 10

Unidentified, 2 shots of Harrigan, “Akron”, c. 1930, each 8 x 10

Margaret Bourke White, “Overnight to California,” on Douglas Luxury

Skyline, c. 1940, photographed air to air, stamped verso, 9 1/2 x 13


Cole Co. 1910, Hoxsey, on ground warping wings, 10 1/2 x 16 (Unmatted.)

Willy Kessel, Gyro, c. 1935, 8 x 8 inches

Karl Struss, planes, c. 1950, stamped verso, 6 1/2 x 9

Apeda, Blanche Franklin, song writer in a Curtis sea plane, c.1925, 7 x 9.

Unidentified, group with early airplane, on in pilot’s seat, c. 1915, 8 x 9 1/2

Unidentified, L’Aviation, Early biplane on ground with pilot and observer, c. 1910, 6 1/2

x 12

Unidentified, Plane #15, reversed, c. 1910, 10 x 12

Unidentified, Inspecting plane, c. 1910, 10 x 12

Unidentified, Canteri after flight in Pittsburgh, captioned on mount, 1910, 4 x 6 1/2.

Unidentified, Pilot entering military plane, inscribed, c. 1915, 5 1/2 x 13 1/2

Unidentified, Plane 25 being prepared for departure, c. 1910, 8 1/2 x 12

Aleshire, Red Wing of Curtis on Lake Kenha, c. 1908, printed c. 1920, 6 x 9 inches

Rapid Photo, Preparing plane, c. 1910

Bradford Washburn, plane on ground in snow, Alaska, c. 1950, 8 x 9 1/2


Meurisse, Gnome Engline, c. 1910

Unidentified, Hawkes Fur6y Interceptor fighter plane, c. 1930, 4 1/2 x 6 1/2.

Unidentified, Handley-Page planes and cars, c. 1920, 6 x 8 inches

Unidentifed, military fighter, c. 1915

Unidentified, Laird Aero Whirlwind Plane

Unidentified, Nazi WW 2 aircraft, possible prototype, 7 x 8 1/2 inches

British Combine, Tail fin of Vickers-Armstrong Windsor, c. 1920’s

Unidentified, Times, Amelia Earhart after crossing Atlantic on flight, June 26, 1928

Branger, Bi-monoplane, Goupy, c. 1912

Unidentified, Chatain in Antoinette, c. 1910

Branger, Monoplane Borel, c. 1910

Unidentified, Boy posed behind plane steering wheel, c. 1912

Branger, Etrich-Wels plane,c. 1910

Unidentrified, Civil air guard, 1939

Branger, Chalon, Moor-Brabazon airplane, c. 1910


Michaud and Chretien. 13 Sepia toned views of WW I damage to town and including

aerial shot of Battle of the Somme, printed, c. 1920, 8 1/2 x 11

Steichen, 9 aerial views with Steichen’s annotations verso, (authenticated

By Grace Mayer,) all WWI France.

2 matted WWI aerial shots of Paris, 8 1/2 inches square

Bourke White, Aerial of the Grand Canyon, c. 1930 4 1/2 x 6 1 /2

Bourke-White, Aerial of Grand Canyon, contact print stamped, c. 1935, 4 x 3

Unidentified, Aerial of Industrial New Jersey, c. 1939, 6 1/2 x 9

Unidentified, WWII aerial shows ship on fire

Attr. Mayfield, Airfield with Midwestern city behind, c. 1930, 9 x 12

U.S. Army Photo, grided aerials of Romazartin and Cievres France, c. 1918

Mayfield, River inundation of Round House, Dayton, c. 1920, 8 x 10

Mayfield, Roundhouse and trains, Dayton, c. 1925

Aero-Photo, Notre Dame Aerial, and Cite, stamped, c. 1930, 6 x 9

Wagner, Wonderful aerial of crowd watching an aviation meet, c. 1911,

8 1/4 x 10

Mayfield, Aerial of Wright Field Dayton, c. 1920, 8 x 10

Mayfield, Railroad Yards in downtown Dayton, c. 1925, 8 x 10

Kuhn, Dirigable flight over Baden Baden around 1912.

Aero-Photo, Arch de Triumphe, reproduced in Warnod’s Paris published

In 1930. C. 1930, stamped,6 1/4 x 8 1/2

Richard Hoit, Areial of S. Lake Worth, Florida, shot a 6000 feet, 1936, 10 x 8

Unidentified view of Salt Lake with Tabernackle, c. 1935, 9 1/2 x 12

Unidentified, Bombers landing at Lansing Illinois, 1931, 7 x 9.

Fred-Mae Aerials, aerial view of downtown Oalkand, c. 1937, 11 x 14

Unidentified, Cathedral at Tours, c. 1930, 6 x 8 1/2

Hoyt, Richard, Pam Am Clipper plane at sunrise.



ROL, Important album of 100 photographs of Bleriot’s planes from 1905 to 25 th

July 1909. Each mounted with letterpress, 4 1/2 x 6 1/2 or reverse.

Appareil Cailletet, Balloon captif non Monte, 23 August 1899, 8 photos printing out

paper inserted in album each 7 x 5

H. M. Benner, Hammondsport, N.Y. 8 photos 1910-14 of early aviation in paper album

Prints to 6 x 8 1/2

Aerial Experiments Association. 1909, Bound copy, Jan. to April. 1909. An organization

backed and financed by Mrs. Alexander Graham Bell, who was a participant. This is

Frank Baldwin’s copy, a typewritten history of AEA with approximately 90 original

photographs of early aviation attempts, various articles, not published. This contains the

first three months of 1909 whereupon the organization was dissolved. An addendum at

the back shows 30 photographs preceded by captions. There were six copies made for the

participants, of which there are two known, also contains blueprints and extensive text.

Prints range to 6 x 9 ., often two to a page.

Unidentified, Ely and Curtis album showing 40 photographs all captioned and mounted

one to a page shows first flight from a ship and Curtis sea plane experiments in San

Diego. Dedicated by Ely to Mr. Paul Schinck, 1911. Prints to 5 x 7.

Unidentified, Aviation meet, Ellersbach, Brussels, 18-30 October, 1910, 22 photos

mounted back to back, each with captions to 4 1/2 x 6 1/2.

Pirou Studio. Album Aeronautique Aviation-Aerostation. Studio portraits of early

aviators and aeronauts, many identified and including Santos-Dumont, Bleriot, Capt.

Ferber (killed in 1909) etc. 36 portraits to 9 x 6 inches.

Boston Globe Photographer. An Album of the Boston-Harvard Air meet, second meet in

the US after Dominguez Hills in Los Angeles. 137 photos (approximately) up to 8 x10 of

the air meet and Claude Grahame-White flying. Very rare album. The rare brochure of

the meet is included.

Unidentified. Album depicts photos of the Short S.70. This English crew attempted to be

the first to fly up the Nile in 1914 from Alexandria to Khartoum. There are 24 photos ,

many from the air, up to 10 x 12 inches. Dedicated by McClear the pilot to Col. Jackson.

Due to technical problems on the Hydro-aero plane journey, they didn’t reach Khartoum

until 85 days after they began. January to March, 1914. In the interim a Frenchman flew

the distance in about 30 days.

Unidentified. The Stuart Davis album includes photographs of the Zodiac dirigible, c.

1911, photos to 8 x 10 plus snapshots and clippings, Davis personal album.


Various photographers. Album 1911-12 includes many signed photos of Roland Garros,

Moraine, and others. Many of these pilots killed in WWI. Also photos of 1911Aviation

Expo, and five of Wilbur Wright at Le Mans in July, 1908. Altogether about 100 photos

in the original album, each about 5 x7 inches.

The First Flight from New York to Paris by Colonel Ch. A. Lindbergh, folio leather

bound copy, 1 of 13 (two known today) of the reception of Lindbergh in Europe after his

successful flight. 66 Original photographs and one extra-illustrated large 12 x 16 image

of Lindbergh’s plane over Paris signed by Lindbergh. In addition there are about 15 fold

out front pages replicating various French and English language newspapers highlighting

the event.

Unidentified. Album with 324 photos of American aviator in France, most snaps but

some professional to 8 x 10, c. 1918.

Unidentified, album of WWI planes from England, 44 photos with text including plans,

planes, construction, etc. For Westland Aircraft, .1918.

Unidentified. WWI amateur album of 234 photos of aviation and military life and civilian

life, photos 2 1/2 x 3 1/2

Unidentified, album of Ban de Saft, France, photos 10-7-1918, all reconnaissance aerials,

24 images, 7 x 9 inches.


Unidentified, Hanoi and Vietnam from the air, 40 photos from air and on ground, most of

Them 4 1/2 x 7 inches.

Unidentified, Rohrbach Hydroplane metal company, 22 photos, Copenhagen, c. 1930. 5 x

6 1/2 inches.

Unidentified. Advertising album for Fokker Aircraft with four original photos and

letterpress, paper covers, 1926, photos 6 1/2 x 8 1/2

Unidentified. Hadley-Page album celebrating flight from Brussels-London-Brussels with

12 Sepia toned photos including aerials of London, 7 1/2 x 9 1/2 inches.

Unidentified. Aviation album with 122 photos of the Alps, Aerial planes, balloon

ascensions, and early 1930s aviation shows. 1930-34. To 5 x 7 inches

Unidentified. Album with 96 photos of flying in the Middle East, British locals and

aviation photos, 1926-27. All images, 3 x 4 inches each.

Unidentified. Album belonging to John Stenso, Naval aviation, training at Pensacola,

mostly 1920-22, 300 plus photos aviation related mixed with tourist and personal photos.


Unidentified. American album with 60 photos built around Boeing, air mail, various

airports and commercial planes, c. 1930 all 8 x 10s

Unidentified. Album with 20 original photos of travel with photos of Zeppelin L2 126,

including photos of Eckner and crew. Each 8 x 10 and mounted

Unidentified. An album showing a trip in the Graf Zeppelin from Germany to

Switzerland and back with 38 photographs showing the interior, take-off and landing

Of the craft as well as the original ticket and map of the route. 1932.

Unidentified, an album with seven mounted photographs showing United cities and

Aerial views of scenery on its cross-country run from LA to NY., c. 1935

Compiled by A. M. Hamilton, an album tracing the Around the World flight of four

planes in 1924, mostly with clippings from newspapers and magazines but some original

photo postcards and snaps as well.

1908 scrapbook. of clippings related to aviation and air disasters. From May 1908 to end

of January 1909, articles clipped from newspapers and magazines on an almost daily

basis depicting important events including Wilbur’s flights in France and the first death in

aviation of Selfridge. Important research information.


In November, 2014, the Culver collection of some 35,000

photographs was purchased. In this collection were about 600

aviation photographs in various condition as follows:


A stunning 8 x 10 image of Lindbergh in the air after leaving US for

overseas flight.

Orville Wright in the air, 9/11/08, showing the army at Fort Myers

endurance for his plane, 1 hour 10 minutes in the air. Two photos

A group of cameramen, their cameras aimed at the sky. On

photographers field day at Mineola NY for the aviation school of the

army, their last chance before the war.

Barney Oldfield in his car racing Lincoln Beachy in his plane,

Brighton Beach, 5/24/12

3 photos of Lowell Smith after his Around the World flight, 1924


A team of dogs pulling the Lockheed-Vegas plane for his flight from

Point Barrow Alaska, to Spitzbergen in Norway by Wilkins and

Eleson in 1928.

Spirit of St. Louis taking off probably from Long Island for trip

across the Atlantic.

James Hare. Photo of Claude Graham-White in his plane, 1910,

possibly printed later. Titled and signed verso.

James Hare. Hamilton, Walter Brookins, J. Armstrong Drexel,

defenders of the American cup in 1910 at Belmont Park. Signed and

titled verso.

Portrait of Arthurt Whitten Brown, first man to fly across the

Atlantic in 1919

Claude Graham-White, fine portrait of him sitting in his plane prior

to take off.


23 Zeppelin and ballooning photos

34 related to early aviation

17 of Lindbergh, several with the Spirit of St. Louis

Wight Brothers.

14 small photos

21, larger 8 x 10 photos

15 portraits of Wilbur and Orville, some together.

6 of the Hindenburg

34 portraits of fliers, some in planes

8 of Bleriot including Calais and Dover

50 of various airports in US, Europe, and one in Japan.

73 military related.

69 related to Glenn Curtis, some very early.

136 are a miscellaneous collection of aviation photos after 1920




John McMahon and Earl Findley spent a month with Orville Wright in 1915 at the

Wright home. As he writes, “I was at Wright’s home, Hawthorn Hill, Oakwood, Dayton,

July 15-August 18, 1915, that is, four weeks and four days, occupied entirely during that

period upon the Wright history.”

This collection has been assembled in three parts.


This collection includes three original drawings by Orville Wright to

demonstrate principles of aviation to McMahon and Findlay in

1915, and sixty original photographs, many used for reproduction,

but with a rare concentration on Kitty Hawk. There is also an

original signed photo by both Wrights in France and several of the

Wrights shown with European royalty, as well as photographs


showing the inventors at an early age along with photographs of the


Wright had hired a journalist, Earl N., Findley, to gather information for a series of

articles which Orville commissioned. Findley brought McMahon along to help with the

research. They spent a month working together to produce a series of 12 articles.

However, the great pioneer aviator did not like the result and blocked publication of

them. Findley moved on and turned the project over to McMahon who doggedly pursued

publication for many years. During this time, his publication attempts were thwarted by

Wright who did not want any of the diaries revealed unless he revealed them. McMahon

became so frustrated that in 1927, he attempted to sell all his information, manuscript,

and photographs. However, in 1930, Little Brown, apparently unaware of Orville’s

objections, published McMahon’s book on the Wright Brothers, the first adult book on

the brothers and based on the information McMahon had acquired.

A listing of the archive is shown below. Many of the photographs were used to illustrate

a syndicated set of articles written by McMahon in 1930, and thus have been enhanced

for publication. According to McMahon’s note, he obtained, from Orville, “ninety

photographs, of which a few were copies made at Dayton during my stay there at that

time, and I had 49 copies in New York that autumn, so as to return the originals to the

Wrights since they had no copies of them.” Since there are approximately sixty

photographs in the McMahon collection, most appear to have been given to him by

Orville Wright as duplicates from their collection. Certain ones in the collection may

have never been returned to the family or were obtained from other sources.

The photographs are as follows: The titles follow a list that accompanies the collection,

and the numbers correspond to numbers on the mounts or margins of the prints


l. Grandfather of the inventors-John Gottlieb Koerner. He was a carriage maker and

had a wonderful turning lathe.

2. Grandmother of the inventors-Catharine Frey Koerner

3. Grandmother of the inventors-Catharine Reeder Wright. She gave her suitors

candles and left them waiting.

4. Mother of the inventors at 27, just before she was married.

5. Father Wright around 50-now 87 and hale

6. Mother of the inventors-Susan Koerner Wright-around her 44th year. She was

clever with tools and built a sled for the boys.

7. Orville at 9 months.

8. Katharine at 3 months.

9. Katharine at 5-even then a pal.

10. Wilbur at 5 years. About when he threatened his elder brothers, “I’ll squall.”

11. Orville at 5. Bonfires his passion, but sister tattled.

12. Orville at 8 years of age. When he was general of an army and in the junk


13. Wilbur aged 9 years. The match burned his fingers when he tried to smoke.


14. Wilbur at 13. Consulting strategist, deriving military knowledge from Plutarch.

15. Wilbur at 22 years of age.

16. Reuchlin, inventors’ brother, at 27.

17. Orville, 1896, when brothers began study of the flying problem.

18. Katharine, 1899, at home.

19. Wright homestead, Dayton, where Orville was born, & Wilbur died in 1912.

20. What the neighbors did to the old home after the Wrights had met kings.

21. The old bicycle shop (left) Dayton. Upstairs rooms (left) still used as Orville

Wright’s office.

22. Where the Wrights build their first aeroplane motors-behind old bicycle shop,

Tbird Street, Dayton.

23. Charley Taylor, the trusty mechanic. In Wright employ over 12 years.

24. Orville at Kitty Hawk, 1900-the brothers’ first trip.

25. Flying glider as kite, 1900

26. Gliding at Kitty Hawk the second year, 1901. At end of this year, Wilbur,

discouraged, said to Orville, “Man won’t be flying for a thousand years.”

27. Camp at Kitty Hawk, 1902, showing glider of the previous year. Wilbur.

28. Kill Devil Hill as it looked in 1902.

30. Glider of 1902- practically the aeroplane of to-day. It just lacked a motor. L to

R, Chanute, Orville, Wilbur, Herring Spratt, Dan Tate.

31. Wilbur in the glider of 1902. The air was in fact conquered then.

32. Like the hut of explorers in the arctic waste-Kitty Hawk camp, 1903.

33.Orville’s mathematical kitchen at Kitty Hawk, 1903

34. Camp parlor, Kitty Hawk, 1903. Wood stove made from old carbide can.

35. Canvas beds on ceiling beams used by the brothers at Kitty Hawk, 1903.

36. Two of these men saw the flight of Dec. 17, 1903.

38. December 17, 2003. Machine as it landed after fourth flight, damaging the front

rudder frame.

40. First five minute flight. 1904. Dayton thought the Wright boys were just fooling

away time on an “airship.”

41. First flight of 1905 in the Dayton cow pasture. None of Katharine’s fellow school

teachers ever accepted her invitation during two years to see her brothers fly—they

didn’t want to hurt her feelings.

42. The 18 minute flight, 1905. Trolley line in background. When aviators were also

hersmen at Dayton. They promised not to bother the cows.

43. The 20 miles flight at Dayton, Ohio, Oct. 4, 1905. Orville aboard.

47. Wreck at Fort Meyers in which Lieut. Selfridge was killed and Orville badly


48. Wilbur’s hour flight at Le Mans, which was made to “cheer Orville up” as he lay

in hospital, the other side of the ocean.

50. Katharine had five dresses to meet three kings. The monarch talking to her is

Alphonso. Orville at right.

54. King Alphonso takes a lesson from Wilbur-He was turned down with a smile.

55. President Taft bemedalling Wrights with wrong medals, White House, 1909.

Katharine beside Orville.

58 Orville and Katharine at Pau.


60. King of England, Wilbur and Orville. Between visits of kings, the brothers cut

each other’s hair.

61. King Edward, Wilbur and Orville at Pau, March 17, 1909.

62. When Wilbur gave his sister a surprise and flew with her before the King of


63. Wilbur and his sister aflight before King Edward. His majesty stands beside

starting derrick.

64. King of Italy flanked by the Wright brothers, 1909.

66. Scherl, photographer. Kaiser and Kaiserin at Potsdam. Orvilled standing in

aeroplane. Wilhelm foresaw military value of American invention.

70. Reverent Germans doffing hats to the Yankee flying machine in 1909.

71. General Von Motke and Orville at Berlin, 1909. Two years before this, Germans

did not believe aeroplane was real.

74. Crown Prince and Princess, Orville and Katharine, Berlin, 1909.

Three more by Scherl not listed.

Crowd including those on auto, Berlin, 1909

Templehofer crowd sometimes numbered 40,000 who came to see brothers fly.

Sea of spectators.

76. Wilbur at Governors Island during Hudson-Fulton celebration, when brother

competed against brother on opposite sides of the Atlantic.

77. Wilbur at Governors Island with Mrs. Lorenz, who as a little girl stayed after

school to “teach” him.

78. Father Wright in his 82nd year taking his first trip in the air with Orville. And the

Bishop cried’, “higher.”

81. Theodore Roosevelt going up in the air, St. Louis, 1910, with Hoxie, who was

afterward killed.

83. Orville soaring in 50 mile wind, Kitty Hawk, 1911. Almost 10 minutes in the air

without a motor. A marvelous feat. Wilbur thought extended motorless flight

possible, and Orville is still studying the problem of flying like a bird.

84. The aeroplane factory at Dayton, (exterior.)

85. Wright factory at Dayton. Cylinder & motor parts department.

88. Wilbur Wright. The most characteristic photograph of the inventor in his prime.

Other photos not listed.

Postcard with actual photo of Brookins and RJK.

Inventor Spratt with his invention.

Experimental model without power plant of the Spratt airplane with inventor aboard.

Spratt’s device which led the Wright Brothers to create their wind tunnel and thereby

discover aerodynamic laws, estimated as 50% of their airplane invention.

Picture of Dr. George A., Spratt with his aerodynamic testing apparatus.Wright plane

in flight at Pau, France, 1909.

Heavily retounched shot of Wright flyer and shack possibly at Sims Station.

Heavily retouched photograph of Wright flyer.

A collection of some 40 photographs from 1935 showing United’s Commercial

Aviation planes, exteriors and interiors, mechanics, flights, etc.

The Spruce Goose landing in Long Beach Harbor,, approx. 20 x 30 inches


A bombing run in Mojave during WW II



The first shows Simms field where they began to test their planes in Dayton in 1904.

The second shows various struts.

The third is the drawing of a Wright plane.

1. Poster announcing Bell Syndication articles on Wright Brothers by McMahon.


A, Notes for the WB articles and courtroom testimony.

B. Another copy, both typed, one annotated in McMahon’s hand.

C. 8 pages copy of Wright trial testimony.

D. Letter from the Judge in the case to McMahon

E. Depositions 1920-21 Orville Wright.


A. 7 copies of comments on the book’s publication, 1930.

B. Misc. letters related to publishing material.

C. Letters on articles proposed by McMahon and Findley in 1915.

D. Letters about Wright blocking publication of McMahon’s book,


E. Misc. reviews on book clipped from papers of the day.

F. Letters concerning the revised manuscript McMahon did in 1946, but was

evidently unable to publish.












IN 1930.





In 2016 the Findlay family released material related to the Wright Brothers to an auction

at Christie’s. Thus the following material was added to the archive.


6 typed letters by Orville Wright, all signed one in manuscript, either 1915 or 1930

(pertaining to McMahon’s publication of the book.) 3 McMahon letters to Findley and

Lorimer at the Saturday Evening Post. And the unpublished typescript from 1915, 237

pages, lacking the first twelve pages, as well as additional correspondence.


A large and interesting archive related to McMahon’s work appeared at a small auction

house in Maine in January, 2018. The addition of this archive appears to pretty well fill

out the story of McMahon, Findley and Wright. There are 3 letters from the sister of the

Wright Brothers, Katherine Wright, 1915, A complete copy of the 1915 manuscript

corrected by Katherine Wright, a 390 page in corrected proof of the 1930 publication by

Little Brown, along with 39 glass plate negatives used as illustrations in the book, and

printed in Dayton probably by Orville, a number of letters from Findley to McMahon

from 1915 through publication of the book in 1930, and other miscellaneous material.

All in all this is an important and rare archive telling an unknown story around the first

publication of a book on the Wrights.



This collection covers the period in Hughes life from 1938 to 1947 starting with his

around the world trip in 1938, and basically ending with the transport of the “Hercules”,

more commonly known as the Spruce Goose, from where it was built in Culver City,

through the streets of Los Angeles to Long Beach.

The collection consists of about 250 photographs, each 8 x 10 inches, that may have

come from the files at Hughes Aircraft. A certain number in each group has captions, but

many do not though it is apparent which category they fall into. Each is in a sheet with a

number on the outside of the sheet. They are generally in mint condition and broken into

the following categories:

Coast to Coast Speed Record, January 1936, about 20 photographs

Around the World flight, 1938, about 40 to 50 prints

Various Parades and events after the Around the World Flight. 30-40

Miscellaneous flights, 40-50


Howard Hughes Senate Investigation about 40-50 photographs

A group of misc. photographs (about 5)

A group of photographs showing the transport of the “Hercules” in

1946 to Long Beach. 50-70


The book, manuscript and periodical collection, recently catalogued, consists of many

important early and rare books on aviation and space some as early as the 19th century, as

well as later compilations and histories. It is broken down into various sections and

categories with a listing that consists of author, title, and year published.


“Flight Magazine”, #1 Volume #1 January 2, 1909 to volume #336, December 31, 1915.

A Complete run, except as follows: 1910, missing December 31 issue, 1911; two copies

of #106, no cover for #152, 1913; missing issue #219, 1914; two copies of number.

“L’Aeronautique”, 13 miscellaneous monthly issues 1919 to 1930.

“Aero Magazine”, 1909, #1 Volume 1 to #32 volume 1.

“Aeronautics”, 1915. Volume 9, #90 to volume 9, #115.

“L’aeronaute”, 1909. #501 to #514.

“L’aerophile”, 1906. #1 to #12.

“La Revue Aeroienne”, 1910, 10th of January to 10th of December. 1911, 10th of January

to 10th of December.

“La Revue de L’aviation”, December 1906. Volume 1 #1 to December 1910 #49. Bound

in two volumes.

“L’Illustration” 1909, 1932-39. 6 issues total.

“La Vie au Grand Air” August 1910.

“Army and Marine”, July 1909.

“Country Life in America” July 1911.

“Scientific American” December 1904.


“Scientific American” October 1910.

“Scientific American” July 1979.

“The Aero” November 1911.

“The Ace” August 1919.

“Aviation Magazine” December 1923.

“Aero Magazine” July 1911, November 1910.

‘Aero and Hydro” November 1913.

“Wochenbericht” January 1929 and august 1929.

“The Aeroplane” September 1922.

“Aeronautical Digest” August 1923.

“Aircraft Journal” June 1919.

‘Air Power” September 1918.

“Air Service Journal” July 1918.

“The National Aeronautic Magazine FLY, 1908-1909” Facsimile Copy, 1971.


“Opinions on Gustav Kotch’s System of Dynamical Flight”, March 1897. 45 pages with


“Excerpts in Ballooning”, by Charles Clark. Various articles on ballooning in manuscript

or printed. C. 1860.

Original letter addressed to Beaden Powell at the War Office, 1908. Sent by a man by

the name of “Rollow”. West Australia. Description of airplane with three diagrams.

Manuscript to do with dreams of flight. About 20 pages.

17 page manuscript giving a history of flight.

Various papers related to Aviation


Typed Smithsonian account “A Brief Account of Langley’s work in Aeronautics”, 5


“Aeronautical periodicals and Serials in the Library of Congress American” Published

1937, Washington. 19 pages.

“Articles Concerning the Wright Brothers”: 14 in three folders.

Misc. Pamphlets, Magazines and Books:

“National Geographic Magazine” January 1907.

“The Problem of Flying” by Lilienthal, 1894.

“Dynamical Stability of Airplanes” by Hunsaker, 1916.

“The Chilton Aero Directory, 1911”

“ L’ astronautique” By Robert Esnault-Pelterie, 1935.

“Civil Aviation”, 1964.

“Film bibliography of Aviation” Circa 1950.

“Promenades Aeriennes” By Bleriot, “Bleriot Aeronatique”, circa 1911.

“Bleriot Aeronatique” Circa 1915.

“Bleriot Aeronautique” 1912.

“U.S. Army Aircraft” by Fahey, 1908-1946.

Catalogue: “ The History of Flight”, Dawson’s book Shop, c. 1950.

Handbook of the National Aircraft Collection, The Smithsonian 1932.

Souvenir book of Roy Knabenshue, autographed. C.1915.

“Beginnings of Human Flight”, 1923.

“The Airship Book” c.1918.

A Collection of Aviation articles from Century Magazine and others.

“Kunstmatig Vliegen” by Schaak- Tafel, 1869.


“Comission Aerienne Mixte” 4 pamphlets.

“Commission Sportive Aeonautique” Paris, 1911.

“Federation Aeronatique” Statutes and regulations, 1909.

Russian Book, printed 1958.

History of Flight in Russian, 1911. Heavily Illustrated.

Bibliography of “Dela Locomation Aerienne of Armond Wouwermans” 1894, dedicated

by the author.

“Zeppelin” published Chereil, c. 1910.

“The James Means Control for Flying Machines”, 1913.

“Five Patents relating to Aviation” Part of James Means pamphlets, 1909.

BOOKS: (early)

“Conquest of the Air by Airships and Flying Machines” by Jay Henry Mowbray, 1910.

“Naval Aviation” by Lieutenant W.W. Warlick, 1929.

“The Red Eagle” by Alexander Key, 1930.

“Historic Airships” by Rupert Sargent Holland, 1928.

“L’astronautique” by Robert Esnault-Pelterie, 1930.

“The Mastery of the Air” by William J. Claxon, 1920.

“The History of British Aviation” by R. Dallas Brett, C. 1915. 2 Volumes.

‘L’Aviation Explique” by L. Ventou-Duclaux, 1909.

“Aerodynamique” by N. Joukowski, 1916.

“The Boy’s Story of Lindbergh, The Lone Eagle” by Richard J. Beamish, 1928.

“Aerial California” by Kenneth M. Johnson, 1961.

“Interpretive History of Flight” by M.J.B. Davey, 1948.

“British Aircraft Illustrated” by C.A. Sims, 1931.


“Airplane Photography” by Herbert E. Ives, 1920.

“The First World Flight” By Lowell Thomas, 1925.

“How Men Fly” by Gertrude Bacon, 1911

“Travels in Space” by E. Seton Valentine and F.L. Tomlinson, 1902

“Aerial Navigation” by J.S. Krauss, 1901

“Aeronautics. Technical Report of the Advisory Committee for Aeronautics” 1911

“The Aviator and the Weather Bureau” by Ford A. Carpenter, 1917.

“Santos Dumont: the Air Pioneer” by A. Brigole, 1943.

“The World’s Great Adventure’” by Francine Trevelyan Miller, 1930.

“Bibliotheca Aeronautica” 1920 (catalogue)

“Bibliography of Aeronautics” by Paul Brockett, 1910

“My Air-Ships’ by Santos Dumont, 1904

“Guynemer: Knight of the Air” by Henry Bordeaux

“Flying Machines” by Rankin Kennedy, 1909.

“How it Flies” by Richard Ferris, 1910.

“The Conquest of the Air” by A. Lawrence Rotch, 1909

“Alexander Graham Bell” by Catherine Mackenzie, 1928

“The Aeroplane, Past Present and Future” by Claude Grahame White and Harry Harper,


“A Chronicle of the Aviation Industry in America. 1903-1947”, 1948.

“Das Zeppelin Buch” Friedrich Heiss, 1936.

“Das Land Der Deutschen” By Eugen Diesel, 1931.

“The World in the Air” By Francis Trevelyan Miller, 1930. (2 Volumes, 2 sets)

“Secret” by Wesley W. Stout, 1947.


“Travels in the Air” by James Glaisher, Camille Flammarion and Gaston tissander, 1871.

“Progress in Flying Machines” by Octave Chanute, 1976.

“Airships, Past and Present” by A. Hilderbrandt, 1908.

“Beauty of Flight” by Manfred Curry, C. 1935 (3 copies, one with dust jacket two


“Aeronautical Papers” by Alfred F. Zahm, 1950. (2 volumes)

“Kulture Im Spielgel Der Landschaft” by Ein Bilderatlas, 1930.

“Peru from the Air” by Lieutenant George R. Johnson, 1930.

“”Wright Aircraft Engines” Edited by John R. Cautley, 1921.

“Memorial Meeting” Samuel Pierpoint Langley, 1907.

“Experiments in Aerodynamics” by S.P. Langley, 1902, 1891 (2 versions, 1902 and


“Langley Memoir on Mechanical Flight” part 1 by Langley and Part 2 by Manly, 1911.

“La Route De L’air” by Alphonse Berget, 1911.

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Most photos are 10 x 8 or reverse unless otherwise noted.


NASA, ARMSTRONG, Buzz Aldrin descending to the moon. Chromogenic print, 20 x

16 inches mounted. Signed by Aldrin to Ken Sharp and dedicated as follows, “With many

best wishes and personal thanks for your unselfish help over the years.” Buzz Aldrin

NASA, Armstrong. Buzz Aldrin standing on the moon with an American flag, tranquility

base, 8 x 10 silver print, text recto and signed verso.

NASA, Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin walking near the Lunar module. July 20, 1969, Silver

print stamped Aug. 20, 69, captioned verso, and signed by Aldrin with the July date and

also 9-5-04 verso.

NASA, Armstrong, Aldrin standing with Armstrong reflected on the moon, GAF 3-D

color process, matted, print signed by Aldrin, verso. 5 . x 7 .

NASA, A rare photograph showing the Endeavor launching for its flight to repair the

Hubble space telescope. Chromogenic print, 1993, mounted. Signed by all 7 astronauts to

“Dayton, thanks for keeping our clothes straight, ” the 61 crew. Along with a NASA

color half tone of the crew posed with information on each one verso.

NASA, Wally Schirra, 3 photographs,

PL 27,4,5 Schirra goes off on longest flight, 1962, silver print signed verso 2004.

PL 27,4,4, Schirra is chosen for flight, 1962, silver print titled verso signed verso 2004

PL 27,4,9 Schirra in his pressure suit, 1962, silver print, text and signed verso, 2004

PL 27,4,1 Gordon Cooper returning to earth after 22 orbits, 1963, silver print Letterpress

attached, signed verso Aug 2004.

PL 27,4,2, Gordon Cooper recuperating three days after his return. Silver print, 1963, text

attached, signed verso August 2004 with obit from Sept. 2004

PJ 5,2,1 Unidentified. Portrait of John Glenn with American flag behind. Silver print,

1966 4 x 5 . Signed by Glenn above print on mount, “Best regard to all our friends in

Switzerland, J.A. Glenn Jr. Matted.

Baturin, 15 photographs, all titled verso, most 6 x 4 or the reverse, with descriptive

information in Russian verso, some possibly signed. C. 1961-62. Silver prints, Baturin

was the cinematographer for the Astronauts training for the first Russian space flight.

With English translation.

NASA, Two photos of instruments on the moon,, each a chromogenic print, 1969. Each

one signed by directors and coordinators of construction museum, and each on the verso

bearing two stamps, one of the first man on the moon and the other of Apollo. Each has

been cancelled from the hometown of Neil Armstrong and sent to Miamisburg Ohio on

Sept. 9, 1969.

NASA, Gemini 6 and 7 meet in space, Chromogenic print, 1965, 10 1/2x 13 1@ inches,

#146, Skydreamers, dedicated by the astronauts on the mount to Lud Andolsek, a U.S.

Civil Service, Commisioner.

Baturin album. Space Brothers. Baturin was the cinematographer for Astronaut

training prior to the first Gagarin flight. This album incorporates photographs and

dedications from various Russian astronauts including Gagarin, Titov, and many


others including Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman in space. (Skydreamers,

plate 144), and Laika the first dog to travel in space (Skydreamers plate 141a) and

Belka and Strelka (Skydreamers plate 141b). There are several large photographs of

Gagarin, a few signed, individual photos of the other astronauts, training, early

space capsules, dignitaries, celebrations, tributes, etc. The entire album is captioned

in detail in Baturin’s hand. 102 photographs plus a page at the end of the album

with small photos of all the astronauts. At least 25 of Gagarin in various portraits

and one of his space craft. All the images have translations on the page in posit

notes. An extremely rare and important album on the very beginning of space

flight. 3 of these images will be in an exhibition at the Met in 2019 commemorating

the 50th anniversary of the first landing on the moon.

A Recent collection of about 70 original photographs depicting the last two moon

landings. Not yet catalogued.



John Glenn in a space suit at the time of Gagarin’s flight. Silver print, text verso.

John Glenn in the space capsule, January 28, 1962, Silver print, text in French verso.

AP, John Glenn peering out of a porthole on the descent of his capsule just as the

parachute deploys to take him to earth. Dated Feb. 23, 1962, three day after his successful

first orbit of the earth and descent. Silver print with text and dates on verso.

NASA, John Glenn posed in front of Friendship 71962m silver print.

Unidentified. Workers cleaning the streets after the John Glenn tickertape parade on

March 1, 1962. Silver print. Titled verso.

PL 27,4,6 NASA. Gus Grissom in the cabin of La Liberte. 1961. Silver print. Written in

French verso.

Baturin, attributed. Cameraman in weightless room filming Star Brothers, silver print, c.

1962, titled verso, 4 . x 6 ., Skydreamers, #145A.

Tass News Agency Testing of centrifuge, silver print, c. 1962, titled verso. 8 x 6 .,

Skydreamers 145B

Baltermants and others. 5 Russian photographs showing early space suits and

experiments preparing for space. Silver prints 1950s, some titled verso, labels detached.

Yousef Karsh, print of Yuri Gagarin, first man in space, 1961, probably printed in the

1970s. Signed lower left by the artist. Double weight board

SW6, Keystone and others, 28 photographs of various Astronauts, including Shepherd,

most in space suits, silver prints, 5 x7, a few smaller, 1960s. Text in French attached or

on verso.

Ken Heyman, A bizarre photo of a man walking in a space suit. Silver print, c. 1978, 12

. x 9, stamped verso.

NASA, Commander Scott from Apollo 15 at Rover on edge of Hadley Rile. half tone

with text verso.1973.

Wide World photos. 7 Astronauts dressed like Bedouins getting desert training in

Nevada, Silver print, 1960, text verso.

Unidentified, an experimental space suit at Republic Aviation, silver print 1963 text verso


NASA, Portraits of two Apollo 15 astronauts, David Scott ad Alfred Wordem, silver

prints 1971, text verso.

NASA, four photographs of astronauts, Deke Slayton 1975 ,Gordon Cooper and Gus

Grissom 1966, and three astronauts for the 1975 Apollo-Soyuz test project. 1974 silver


NASA, The five astronauts for the join American Russian text. Silver print, 1975, text


NASA, 7 astronauts studying the Atlas missile and the Mercury capsule. Silver print, c.

1960. Astronauts identified verso. Atlas and Mercury were used together 1960-63


Buzz Aldrin Tranquility Base, detail shot of Aldrin showing the reflection of Armstrong

and the flag and wind experiment in face mask. 1969. Silver print. Captioned next to print

SWA 1170 and 1163, NASA Armstrong, two shots of descending the lunar module to

walk on the moon. Each print has an August 1969 stamp verso, and one has text

alongside the image. Silver print, 1969.

SWA1173 NASA, An Apollo 12 astronaut stands beside an American flag on the moon.

Silver print, captioned verso, stamped Dec. 24, 69.

SWA 1171,2, NASA, ARMSTRONG, Aldrin stands beside flag on moonwalk, silver

print titled recto, stamped verso, Aug. 14, 69, Cleveland Press.

NASA Armstrong, Cropped version of Aldrin beside flag, vertical silver print, text verso

and stamped Aug. 20, 69.

SWA 1165, NASA, ARMSTRONG. Aldrin prepares to deploy two EASEP components.

Silver print, text verso and stamped Aug. 20, 69.

SWA 1172, NASA, Apollo 12 astronaut with tools and carrier on moon surface. Text

verso and dated Dec. 24, 69.

SWA 1167, NASA, PSEP deployed, Aldrin walks toward module. Silver print, text verso

and stamped August 20, 69.

PY5,4 NASA, Astronaut on moon with American flag walking toward lander. Silver

print, No text, dated Jan. 20, 73 on verso.

SWA 1168, NASA, Armstrong, Aldrin walking toward a leg of the lunar module. Silver

print, text recto, stamped Aug. 27, 69

SWA 1164. NASA, Armstrong. Aldrin standing by deployed Solar Wind Composition.

Silver print, text verso, stamped Aug. 20, 69

SWA 1174 NASA Conrad and Bean talking photos on second moon landing, silver print,

text on verso, dated Dec. 24, 69.

NASA, Apollo 13 summary, 5 photos on one print, related to Apollo 13 flight. Silver

print Each one with caption recto c. 1970


SWA 1166, NASA, ARMSTRONG. Aldrin deploys Solar Wind Composition

experiment. Silver print, text verso, dated Aug. 20, 69


PO 16,8,1 & 2. NASA Armstrong, two photographs showing Solar wind composition and

Aldrin close to solar wind composition, chromogenic photographs, 1969, no text


NASA three photographs of astronauts on the moon all from Apollo 16 flight. Silver

prints 1972.

PA 10,1, NASA, Apollo 12, astronaut reflected in the facemask of his companion on the

moon. Silver print, text verso, dated Dec. 9, 69.

LC 44,5. NASA Aldrin descending the lander, color copy print, no information verso.

LC 44,4, NASA, Aldrin on the moon. Color copy print, no information vers


Far side of the Moon from Apollo 11.

SWA 1204, Nasa moon photo from Ranger VII, silver print, 1964. Text and date verso.

Some craters identified in print.

PI 7,9,1-15 NASA. 15 photographs from Surveyor I, transmitted after landing on the

moon in 1966. Each numbered verso along with a letterpress typed description of each

photo on a separate sheet. #1, the first photographs transmitted back from the moon is

matted and was shown in Skydreamers, #149. #14, matted and shown in Skydreamers,

#150 a&b plus one unidentified grid of the moon probably also from Surveyor 1.

NASA, 12 photographs showing the three Apollo 11 astronauts, 7 well known views on

the moon, and two of the earth from the moon, all color photolithographs. Each one

captioned and with a Sep. 9 first man on the moon stamp in the lower right corner,


SWA 1209, SWA 1210, NASA, Two photos of the moon taken by a television camera

from Ranger VIII, prior to impact on Feb. 20, 1964. Silver prints, text verso, stamped

Mar. 2, 65.

SWA 1208, NASA Photograph taken by Ranger 7 2 . minutes before making contact

with the surface of the moon, silver print, text verso, stamped Aug. 17, 64. Skydreamers


NASA, Moon photographed from Apollo 16 service module, silver print, 1972, text

verso, released June 28, 72. From Culver collection.

NASA, Tycho crater as taken by three different cameras. Silver print, text verso, released

Sept. 3, 1967. From Culver collection

NASA, Tycho crater at full moon taken by three different cameras, silver print 1967, text

verso released Sept. 3, 1967

SWA 1201, NASA, Blocked in area of Mare Humorum shown on the moon map. Silver

print, 1968, text verso, released Aug. 16, 68.


The Skylab space station was launched May 14, 1973 from the Kennedy Space Center by

a huge Saturn V launch vehicle, the same one that launched the Apollo series. After

severe initial problems from the launch were corrected, there were three crews that

manned it, the first returning after 28 days, the second after 59 days and the final crew of

three stayed 84 days. During this period there was a successful attempt to resupply the



Skylab had an almost circular orbit of the earth at 270 miles into space. The first

manned mission was called Skylab two and had three astronauts including Charles C.

Conrad Jr. who had been the third man to walk on the moon as part of the Apollo 12


There are a variety of photographs in the Skylab collection consisiting of images shot by

the crews of all three missions. While many show regions of the earth shot from the

height of 270 feet, others show Skylab, space walks, and some are even labeled UFOS.

All are in color, shot with a Nikon camera, and labeled as to location with a numbering

system related to a master list.

NASA, Skylab 4 photo of California taken from about 260 miles up, Chromogenic print,

1974 titled on mount. #114A Skydreamers exhibition.

NASA Skylab 4 photo of Los Angeles Vicinity, 1974, chromogenic print labeled recto,

#114b Skydreamers exhibition.


Unidentified. 8 stills from the 1902 Melies film, A Trip To the Moon. Silver prints,

printed c. 1920s. Each 8 x 10. #156 a,b,c exhibited in Skydreamers.

Envelope holding 3 color slides from John Glenn’s partial orbit flight.

A fold out set of post cards from Apollo 11 moon landing.

A 45 rpm record of Hugh Downs narrating the words of the first men to land on the


3 Mercury related photos from 1961 including a shot of the instrument panel.

Unidentified German man, 30 photographs of the Apollo 11 mission, all shot off the

television, silver prints, 1969

Unidentified. 6 photos of Apollo 11 Moon landing taken from TV, silver prints, #160 a-f,


A button commemorating the first flight around the moon by Apollo 8.

NASA, A shot of Gemini 7 in space, probably taken from Gemini 6. Chromogenic print,

mounted, 6 . x 7 inches. No text

JPL/NASA, Preparing Mariner 2, Chromogenic print, c. 1962, Titled verso.

NASA, Preparing Ranger 6 for a lunar launch, chromogenic print, 1964. Titled verso.

SWA1156 NASA, A shot of Gemini 7 taken from Gemini 6. Silver print, 1965 text and

stamped date verso. #116a, Skydreamers.

SWA 1157,1, NASA, Gemini 8 approaches Agena Target Vehicle 200 miles above earth,

silver print, 1966, text recto, stamped 4-4-66 verso. #116b, Skydreamers.

David Malin, Space abstraction, Chromogenic print. 1990s, 23 . x 29 .. Signed

NASA, A shot of the lunar module from the Apollo 11 command module, silver print,

1969, text verso, dated 6/4/69.

UPI, Grissom and Young practicing for an ocean landing on their return. Silver print,

text recto, Stamped Feb. 24, 65, verso.

NASA, Launch of the Columbia into orbit, Silver print, 1981.Overmatted

NASA, The Columbia in its shed, silver print, 1981, overmatted.

Central Press Agency. Lunch crowds buying papers in London announcing first man in

space. Silver print, 1961, text verso with date.


PAC 7,8,1. UPI. The earth as seen from Apollo 8 above the lunar surface. Silver print,

text recto, and dated 12/30/68.

UPI, Gemini 6 traveling in a circular orbit, photo taken from Gemini 7. Silver print, 1965,

text recto, stamp Dec. 20, 65, verso.

SW1, AP and others, 15 photos related to early Soviet space objects, 1957-66, silver

prints, 5 x 7 inches, French titles verso.

SW2, Interpress, AP, 3 photographs of early flights, a shot of Freedom 7, Shepard’s

capsule, and Scott Carpenter and John Glenn each taking off with a Mercury capsule with

Atlas thrust. 1961-62, silver prints, 7 x 5, each with text verso.

SW3, AP and others, a group of 25 photographs depicting various lift offs and displays

of missles and weaponry. Silver prints, most captioned verso.

SW4, Interpress and others. 5 photos showing an early satellite, and early blast offs,

silver prints, 5 x 7 or revers, camptioed verso.

SW5, AP, others, 5 photographs related to Gemini, 6 and 7, silver prints. C. 1965-66,

titled in French on verso.

SW7, AP and others. 89 photographs showing various forms of construction, testing,

macquettes, exhibitions, parts, launches, production, to do with various space vehicles.

Silver prints, 1960s. Most 5 x 7 inches. Text in French attached to verso. Most with

French press stamps

SW8 AP, two photos on Jupiter, one showing satellite, Silver prints Sept. 1956, the other

showing launch, October, 1956. Titled in pen verso, with AP stamp.

SW 9, Keystone, The moon, a shot of the full moon pointing out a landing, a detail of

craters, and Surveyer equipment. 3 photographs, silver prints, 1960s all with text verso

and stamps.

SW 10, NASA, Photos from Voyager, Jupiter 9, Saturn 170, each with four photographs

and coordinates below. Silver prints Each image 1 . x 1 ., on 5″ by 5″ sheets. C. 1980

SW 11, NASA, Viking Project. Photographing Mars, detail shotsof Mars surface, 74

images, each a variant size on 5 x 5 paper. Silver prints, 1-8-81. With original product

label and coordinates below prints.

SWA 1154, UPI telephoto of theTelstar satellite. Silver print, 1962, text recto, stamped

verso July 19,62

7 color NASA photos, moon related. Color photolithographs, titled on mount, includes

photos from Apollo 8, 10 and 11.

Large 16 x 20 inch color photo of Andromeda Nebula, c. 1958

A mounted plaque of the Space Shuttle Enterprise along with a piece of tile from the ship

given to an employee for his contributions.

Miscellaneous plaques from Space shuttle


The following are US Air Force photos,

PL 27,4,13, Firing an Atlas missle, silver print, text verso, 1957


NASA/GEMINI, double explosure of lift off of Gemini Titan and Atlas Agena. Silver

print, text verso, c. 1965.

PZ 15, 21 US Air force. Thor missile in the center of town on display. Matte silver print,

c. 1960. 13 . x 10 1/4

Cemta, Titan, IIIC, Lift off,P silver print, 1966, text and dated verso.

Cemta, Gemini launch, silver print, 1966, text and dated verso.

Saturn 501, Apollo Saturn V lift off, silver print, 1967, text and date verso

Atlas missile, 3 stages side by side on one sheet. Silver print, 2/7/58. Text and date verso.

CKMTA, Titan-Project office sunrise, silver print 8-26-66. Text and date verso.

PZ 9,13,1 & 3. US Air Force photos for NASA, Launch of the Mercury spacecraft above

an Atlas booster in a second attempt to an unmanned spacecraft in orbit, and a photo of

the Complex 14 blockhouse during the countdown. 2 photographs, silver prints, text

verso, both dated 9/13/61.

USAirForce, Minuteman missile launch. Silver print, 1963, text and date verso. Matted

PL 8,1,1, Unidentified residual fire and smoke after night blast off of Titan Missile.

Chromogenic print,, c. 1965, with no identification. Matted

PL 8, 1,2 NASA, Possibly Titan Missile blasting off in night sky, chromogenic print, c.

1965, no text, matted.

NASA, MA-4 spacecraft, atop an Atlas booster, preparing for an orbital flight. Silver

print, 8/20/61. Text verso, dated verso.

NASA Rare shot of blast off of Mercury Fredom 7 carrying Alan Shepard for the first

American in space, a flight of 15 mnutes. Chromogenic, May 5, 1961, text and dated on


PAB 26,6, NASA, Atlas 29F/Tiros N, Chromogenic ready to launch, Oct. 13, 1978, 20 x

16 inches, flush mounted, text recto on print, “This one flew great,” John King on verso.

NASA/SATURN, lift-off, silver print, July 3, 1966, text and date verso

SWA 1152,3NASA, PEGASUS III satellite with the Saturn I launch vehicle. Silver print,

Aug. 10, 65, text and date verso.

SWA 1152, 2, NASA, Gemini 4 lift off, Silver print, June 18, 65, text and stamp verso.

NASA, Apollo-Saturn series blast off, chromogenic print, Feb. 26, 1966, text and dated


SWA 1152,1 Launch of Nimbus weather satellite with a Thor=Agene launch vehicle.

Silver print Sep. 23, 64, text and date verso.

PL 27,4,7 NASA, 3 stage Delta launch vehicle on the launch pad. Silver print, Oct. 25,

1962. Text and date verso. PL 27,4,12,

PL 27,4,12. construction site at night, Cape Canaveral? Silver print, c. 1962. News

stamp verso.

SWA 1151, A & B. UPI, Two identical photos of Gemini rocket blasting off, March 23,

1965, text recto, one stamped verso March 29, 65, the other April 20, 65.

SWA 1153, 1, UPI photo, Atlas Missle designed to go in orbit around the moon. Silver

print, Dec. 4, 59, text recto, dated verso.

SWA 1153,2 UPI, Saturn space booster during full power test, silve print May 31, 1960.

Text recto and stamped verso.

SWA 1153,3 UPI Air Force Atlas lifts off during its earth orbiting flight. Silver print

Dec. 26, 58, text recto, dated verso.

NASA, Soyuz lift off in Soviet Union, silver print, June 5, 1975, text and date verso.


PL 8,1,1-8. NASA, Titan II in the Mercury/Gemini series, 8 chromogenic photographs,

1961, each mounted, 2 matted, showing lift off and related images.

4 stages on one image of an Atlas ICBM taking off. Silver print, c. 1958

Air Force, Rocket blast off recorded from the ground, silver print dated 1950 on verso.

PL 27,4,11, Midas 4 taking off on a polar circule of the earth, silver print, text recto, c.


NASA, Launch of a communications satellite, silver print, text verso, 1966

USAF, Titan II missile taking off. Silver print, text verso, c. 1960

6 photos related to blast offs or rockets. Silver prints, c. 1960s.

Moon map, 1968

A post card of Neal Armstrong.


PY 6,2, NASA, Ed White floats in Space, silver print,1965 text recto with date stamp


A photo of a Stratospheric test flight lifted by 80 balloons, 1937

A photo of an Apollo 15 plaque dedicated to those who died pursuing space

A Titan III missile streaking into orbit

Equipment for first step on the moon, color


NASA photos taken from the module showing Armstrong stepping down on the moon.

152 a & b Skydreamers exhibit.

4 Tiros Weather Satellites photos depicting different places on the earth, silver prints,

1960 #115 a-c, Skydreamers.

Unknown, Answer from God, 17 3/8 x 22″, #154 and cover of Skydreamers catalogue.

1957 Original montage, first illustration in a series of articles published in the Japanese

newpaper Yoiui Shimbun.

Earth from sunrise to sunset from a height of 22,300 miles taken by ATS-3 satellite,

silver print, 1967, #117, Skydreamers

NASA/Dennis Ivy, Earth taken from the moon, dye transfer print, 1969 printed 1990,

#18/250 19 x 19 inches signed and numbered.

NASA The earth seen as a pale blue dot by Voyager I, 1990/2010, digital color print, 19

x 13 inches. See Carl Sagan quote.

Unknown, Photograph of Orion Nebula, chromogenic print, 1958 13 . x 16 ., #135

Skydreamers catalogue

Burt Glinn, Vanguard TV3 launch and explosion, Silver print, 1957. #138, Skydreamers.

NASA, Explorer 1 satellite on top of the Jupiter-C launch vehicle. Chromogenic print,

Jan. 31, 1958, #139, Skydreamers

UPI- Hidden side of the moon photographed by Russians. Ferrotyped silver print, 1959, 6

3/8 x x 6 . , #140 Skydreamers.

Unknown photographer, John Glenn lecturing in Switzerland, 1966, silver print 6 5/8 x 7

. inches. #143, Skydreamers.


NASA, James Lovell, shot of Frank Borman on Gemini 7 taken during their two weeks in

space, 1965, wirephoto print, text recto, #147, Skydreamers.

NASA, Apollo 10 photograph from the command ship showing the area around the Sea

of Tranquility. Ferrotyped silver print, 1969 #151A, Skydreamers.

Unknown flying saucer, silver print, 1950, 8 7/8 x 6 7/8, #159, Skydreamers

, Unknown, A window card with original poster image for the film 2001, A Space

Odyssey. Photolithograph, 1968m, 16 x 14 inches. #161, Skydreamers

Robert Weingarten, Study of Buzz Aldrin, Digital Epson print, from the series the

Portrait Unbound. Digital Epson print, 2009, 40 x 60 inches, #174, Skydreamers

Jenny Okun, Mars Ortbiter, 2006, printed 2008. Epson digital paper print, 2006/2008, 17

x 40 inches. #175 Skydreamers

NASA, Charles Duke/Michael Light, Photograph of Duke’s family on lunar surface

Photographed by Duke, Apollo 16, April 1972. Digital C-print, 1972/99, 24 . x 24 ..

Signed, titled, dated, limited edition of 50. #177, Skydreamers.

David Malin, Sombrero Galaxy, Chromogenic print 1990s, 10 1/3 x 13 5/8 inches,

Signed, #178, Skydreamers.

NASA Mariner 6 photo showing a crater on Mars about 24 miles wide, silver print, 1969,

#179a, Skydreamers

NASA Mariner 6 showing a wider section of Mars, silver print, 1969 #179b,


NASA A Phoenix Lander on the surface of Mars, Chromogenic print, 1975, #180


International Comm. Agency. Saturn as seen by Voyager 1 during approach,

Chromogenic print, 1980, #181a, Skydreamers

International Comm. Agency. Looking back on Saturn from 3.3. million miles,

Chromogenic print, 1980, #181b, Skydreamers.

NASA The great red spot on Jupiter, Chromogenic print, 1980 15 . x 19 ., #182,

Skydreamers, framed

Mosaic of Jupiter moon Callisto taken from Voyager 1, Chromogenic print, 1979 15 . x

19 . #183, Skydreamers

NASA Hubble space telescope, Ultra deep field, from 11 days of observation, 2004

(digital print made 2010) Chromogenic. 20 x 30 inches, #184z


Mariner VII. The Giant’s Footstep, Mars craters transmitted by Mariner VII to JPL. Silver

print, 1968. Text on recto, NEA reference stamp Aug. 20,69

UPI, Basket-Weave pattern on Mars, showing how computers can enhance detail by

sharpening the transmission. Silver print, four images on one photo, 1969, text on verso

with NEA reference, Aug 6. 69.



Moon Eclipse 1938









Various photographers. 7 photographs, mostly news photos depicting the Picards in the

ascents on the Stratosphere. 1932-34. Silver prints, most with captions on the different

aspects of the stratosphere flights.

Doty. Two photographs, one of of Stevens and Andersen, the other of Stevens in front of


a plane that will take them to South Dakota for the Statosphere ascension. Matte silver

prints, c. 1935, each 9 . x 7 .. Titled with photographer’s id verso. They ascended to

72,000 feet. The one of the two aviators is signed by each.

23 photos from the 1930s surrounding the ascensions into the stratosphere by Stevens,

Piccards, and others. 3 in Skydreamers. A collection to do with various aspects of the

flights of Stevens for the Stratosphere including photos with Kepner and Andersen, one

with Roscoe Turner inspecting the gondola, postcards of the South Dakota launch sight,

the gondola on display after the record setting flight, 11 photographs including four photo

postcards, various sizes to 9 . x 7 .. Silver prints, a couple with captions from news



Album. A rare and important album compiled by Alfred Brothers who

accompanied the English expedition to Sicily for the 1870 eclipse containing more

than a hundred original letters by various scientists including Herschel, Lockyer,

and others, Brothers’ passport, and numerous photographs pasted in showing

scenes along the way, the expedition, preparing for the photography and

photographs of the eclipse. An extremely important album for any astronomy


Allen and Rowell, The Moon, Cordoba Observatory, 1876, carbon print, 20 x 16

Sir William Crookes, The Moon, 1858, 6 . x 7 ., albumen print, signed and dated verso,

Framed, shown at Walraf-Reichertz Moon exhibition, Houston MFA, and SFMMA. One

of the earliest paper photographs of the moon.

Rutherfurd, The Moon, 1865, albumen, 22 . x 17 inches. Inscribed on the mount from

Rutherfurd to Professor Binares. Signed and dated in the print and on mount.

Rutherfurd, 3 mounted showing full moon and partial moons, 1869, albumen 11 x 14

inches. Blindstamped photo by Rutherfurd, enlargement by A. Brothers.

Rutherfurd, 10 photos of an eclipse, 1869, albumen prints, each one circular and 4 . x 4

. inches. They are mounted as follows, six mounted three and three sideby side on one

page, three mounted side by side above three moon photographs in different phases dated

1869, and one loose print. Provenance, Rutherfurd album.

Nasmyth, 4 ambrotypes in cases depicting detail studies of the moon, and one

showing space, photographed from models made for the book, The Moon, 1874,

Along with a copy of the book depicting two or three of the ambrotypes as prints.

Charles Marville, Astronomers w/ a new telescope Meudon, France. 1876, albumen print.

10 . x 8, Showin in Skydreamers .


Unidentified. A series of 8 rare photographs of Melies film, A Trip to the Moon,

1902/c. 1920s. Silver prints each 6 . x 9 inches. All matted.



MATTHEWS, 8 views of interiors and exteriors of Lick observatory, boudoir cards,

mounted, albumen c. 1886.

Loryea Brothers, Overview of Lick Observatory, C. 1890. San Jose. Albumen, 6 x 9 .

William Henry Jackson, Lick Observatory Overview. C. 1890, albumen. 7x 9 .

Matthews, Oval view of the telescope. 1886. Albumen print, 7×9. Signed titled and dated


Attrib. to Matthews, Lick Observatory in Winter, C. 1886. Albumen, 7x 9/14. Mounted.

Taber, General View of Lick Observatory. C. 1890, Albumen, 5×8. Boudoir Card.

Taber, James Lick’s Tomb at Lick Observatory. C.1890. Albumen, 7 . x 9 .. Titled

and identified on border.

Attrib. to Taber, Lick Observatory, the great 36 inch telescope. C 1890, albumen, 9 x 6


Attrib. To Taber, Lick Observatory “Sea of Fog”, c.1890, silver print. 5 1/2 x 8 ..

Mounted, titled.

Taber and William Henry Jackson, Two views back to back (Lick observatory road

(taber) and Lick Observatory from East Peak (Jackson) c. 1890. Taber is 7 . x 9 . and

Jackson is 7×9. Both are identified in print.

Unidentified, Lick Observatory. C. 1920. Silver print. 5 x 7.

L.E. Ray, Student looking through telescope at unidentified location, Napa California,

c.1900, silver print. 7 . x 4 ..

Will Connell, The Hale Telescope, Palomar mountain. 1949, silver print. 13 . x 10 ..

Signed titled and dated on the mount.

Will Connell, The Hale Telescope, Palomar, 1949, silver print, 18 . x 14 ., stamped

verso. Another print of this image is in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

Unidentified, At Hastings, Boy looking through telescope on Draper estate. July 11,


1883. Albumen, 6×8. Mounted, titled and dated verso.

Henneman, Nicholas, Telescopes shown at the 1851 exhibition. Salt Print, 7 . x 5 ..

Mounted and Titled on the Mount.

George Washington Wilson, Observatory at Ben Nevis. C.1880, Albumen Print,. 7 x 9

.. titled in mount.

Unidentified, Crocker Eclipse Expedition. 1922, silver print. 6 x 8. At Wallal,

Northwest Australia. Titled Verso.

Unidentified, Eclipse expedition, India. 1898, silver print. 6×8, titled verso.

Monroe Baker, The Observatory. C. 1920, Silver print. 13 . x 10. Pittsburgh, Penn.

Titled and signed on verso.

Michailoe. St. Petersburg Observatory Telescope. Sep, 1857. Silver print, 9×7. Many

notations in verso in Russian.

Unidentified, transfer print showing a group of people preparing for an eclipse. Circa.

1910, 8 x 13 inches.

Unidentified. Observatory at Syrian Protestant College, Beirut. C. 1870 Albumen print

Of three men in front of the observatory. The college was begun in 1866. 8 . x 11

Unidentified. Full frontal view of Yerkes Observatory. C. 1920 Silver print. 5 . x 9 .

Yerkes is the home of Astrophysics according to the U. of Chicago. It is located in

Southern Wisconsin. Mtd. On black board and titled below.

Viron. Pic du Midi, Observatory at top of the Pyranees, c. 1900, toned silver photograph

mounted. 9 x 14 . inches. Matted. Phot. Identified, titled, on verso. Stamp of Larousse



The following series were deaccessioned at Andover Newton Theological Library in

1949. They all appeared to be made at the same time, c. 1900. They are bromide prints,

all mounted and titled. Most 9 x 7 .. Deviant sizes noted. List is as follows:

The following photos are Matted:

The Sun’s Disc showing brilliant calcium floculli. 1903, taken at Yerkes w/ 40″


Dumb bell Nebula in Vulpecula.

Tranguli (Nebula, spiral)


Pegasi Star Cluster.

Moon 7 days old.

Moon 18 days old.

Moon 23 days old.

Great Sunspot group, October 1903.

Seas of Showers, Serenity, and Tranquility (where Apollo 11 landed.)

Moon’s age in days showing 12 photographs of the moon’s phases between the 2

And the 24th day of the month.

The following photos are un-matted:

The Moon 14 days old. Circular 7 x 7 (moon detail)

The Sea of Clouds w/ Bullialdus on the Moon. (moon detail)

Theophilus. (moon detail)

Copernicus. (moon detail)

Crater area, southwest quadrant of moon (moon detail)

Moon at 25 days old.

Star Cluster photos:

Star cluster scuturn.

Star cluster in Libra.

Star cluster in Hercules.

Star cluster region of 58 Ophinchi.

M51 in Canes Venatici. (spiral nebula)

M101 Ursae Major. (spiral nebula)


Weller, The Man in the Moon. 1876, albumen.

Rutherfurd, The Moon. C.1860’s.

Rutherfurd, Full Moon from Negative. 1864, albumen.

Warren De La Rue, The Moon 1862, and the Moon 1860. Albumen.

Anthony, The full Moon. C. 1860’s. Albumen.

Morton, The Solar Eclipse of august 7, 1869. 3 cards total showing eclipse.

Soule, The Moon. C. 1960’s

Henry Draper, A Full Moon c. 1890’s.


Lock and Whitfield, James Nasmyth portrait. C.1870. Woodbury type. 4 . x 3 .

Lomen Brothers, The Midday Sun, December 21, Nome Alaska. C. 1903. Silver print, 5


. x 9.

Camas Sola, Eclipse of the Moon. 1910. 4 . x 6 ..

Unidentified, Comet 1908. Tunguska Explosion? 6 x 6

Unidentified, imagined lunar landscape. Showing full earth and new earth. 2 Woodcuts,

c.1850. Each 4 . x 6.

Lomen Brothers, Positions of the sun at the hours of 10am, 11, 12, 1, 2pm on December

28, 1910.

Unidentified, 16 photos showing the observatory and preparations for eclipse and 6

photos of stages of eclipse back to back. C. 1905. 4 . x 6. On three panels, each print

titled underneath.

Polisa and Wolf, Starmap from 1905. Silver print. 11×9.

Braz, Moon light Night photo over Rio de Janeiro, C. 1900 toned silver print. 6 . x 8 .

Elite Studio, 14 photos of an eclipse, mounted on a single card. 1880. Albumen 6 x 4 ..

Titled on mount.

Lomen Brothers, The Approach of winter in the Arctic. C. 1905, Bromide Print. 7 . x 9


Sharman, Different Phases of total eclipse, august 7th 1969. 6 photos on one mount.

Each is 2 . x 1 . . handwritten note in pencil on bottom “We saw it from Von’s hill,

south of Demoines Iowa, Mary was with us”.

Unidentified, Eclipse made for phenistoscope. C.1840, hand painted lithograph.

Mount Wilson Observatory, Canes Vernatici’ spiral nebula. 1926, silver print 7 . x 9

Bauldomero Santamaria, three photos of an eclipse of the 28th of May 1900. Toned silver

prints, 3 . x 2 1/4 . Mounted and titled verso.

Unidentified, 11 photos of an eclipse, c 1920’s. Silver prints, each one 3 . x 5 ..

International News Service, 8 images of the eclipse progression on one photograph.

1932, silver print shot at Fryeburg, Maine. 6 . x 8.

International news service, The Moon eclipsing the Sun. 1932, silver print. Shot from

18,000 feet up. 6 1/4x 8.

Fisher Studio, Photo by Moonlight. 1926. Ketchiken Alaska. Silver print, 6 x 8.


Unidentified, Eclipse India, 1898, printed c. 1940. Silver print, 7 . x 9 .

Unidentified, photograph of a comet. C. 1975 , Kodacolor print. 8 x 10.

Unidentified. Girl sitting in a half moon. Photo post card, c. 1910. Toned silver

Print showing girl sitting below the man in the moon protruding from the half moon.

4 . x 3 . matted.

Unidentified. Two oriaries side by side in an ornate frame, Sphere de Copernic and

Sphere de Ptolemee, 1766 (dated in pencil lower left) engraving, hand colored. 10 . x 11

.. The various parts of each oriary identified.

Unidentified. Archive of 19 photos and text to do with Hubble explorations, 1995. Color

prints. 8×10. Plus 32 overhead color transparencies by Hubble Space Telescope.

Madler, Mondoverflaeche. A drawing of the moon with details and listings of identified

places on it engraved by Leidenfrost, 1837, 21 x 17 inches, matted.

Unidentified. Photograph of a comet, probably Hale-Bopp, c. 1994, C print, 7 3/8 x 11 .


Glenn Daniels. Eclipse of the Moon, Lick Observatory, 1938, silver print 6 . x 9 .,

Titled and phot. Identified on verso. Matted.

Lomen Brothers. The Midnight Sun, Nome Alaska c.1905 bromide print, signed in print,

Titled on border. Matted.

National Geographic. Study of the Northern Sky. 1949-50, silver prints, each one is

13 . x 13 . on double weight paper. Approximately 1500 photos in the collection

including a number that are marked to identify specific areas of the sky, a number of



Morton, Solar Eclipse of 1896. Stereo Card, framed. Showed at San Francisco Museum

of Modern art, 2009.

Unidentified, Pleades showing Nebulas Matter attached. C. 1900, bromide print. 9×7.

Shown at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, 2009.

Binden, Lightening. 1888, silver print, 6×8. Shown as SFMOA 2009.

Unidentified, Orion Nebula. C. 1900, Bromide print., 9 . x7 . inches. Shown as

SFOMA 2009.


Unidentified, The Great Nebula in Andromeda. C. 1900, bromide print. 9 . x 7 ..

Shown SFOMA 2009.

Unidentified. Solar Eclipse, C. 1900. Bromide print, 8 . x 6 .. Shown at SFOMA in


Unidentified, The “Great” comet of 1901. Silver print, 5 5/8 x 5, displayed at the

SFMMA, 2009.



Sacrobusco, Sphera Mundi, Venice 1490. Rebound in full leather, notes faded from

Washing, but a clean and early edition of the book original written in the 1200s. Octavo.

In protective slipcase.

Mauro (Italian translation and additions) Sacrobusco, Sphera Volgare novamente

tradutta. Venice, Zanetti, 1537, first edition of this important interpretation of the work of

Sacrobusco with additions including comosgraphy and navigation. Unpaginated, but

with many nice full page woodcuts. 19th century soft cloth decorative patterned binding.


Petri Apiani, Cosmographia, sive Descriptio universi Orbis, 1540, Antwerp, Arnoldo

Berckmano. A fine copy in original vellum binding with four vouvelles in good working

order. A few corners missing in the upper right in the back of the book not impacting any

type. A clean copy of a rare and important book, small quarto

Hugo Grotius, Syntagma Arateorum: Opus Poeticae et Astronomiae. 1600 Leyden,

Officina Plantiniana apud Christophorum Raphelengium. With 43 full-page and 1

folding copper engraved plates by Jacob de Gheyn, small quarto. First poem in Greek.

Red leather binding c. 1700,

Petro Gassendo, Institutio Astronomica. Hague, 1646, Adriaum Vlac. Portrait of the

author, full page, and five full page woodcuts in this book including the work by various

important astronomers. Gassendo died a year before publication. He was an influential

teacher, friend of Galileo, and follower of Epicurus. Original paper boards, intact, fine

copy, small quarto.

Galileo Galilei, Dialogus de systemate mundi, 1641, Lvgdvni, Hvgvetan. 2nd Latin

edition, frontispiece engraved and portrait of author. In original semi-limp vellum.


This book was owned by Jean-Jacques d’Ortous de Mairan (1678-1771) famed for

discovering circadian rhythms in plants. Signed twice, once on title page. Purchased in


1937 by the Viennese book dealer, Heinrich Hinterberger.

Tycho Brahe, Opera Omnia, first part, Astronomiae Instavrate Progymnasmata, 1648

Frankfort, Godofredi Schonvvetteri, 2 parts in one volume. Second title page is Mundi

Aetherei Recentioribus Phaenomenis. Browning through much of the volume as usual.

“Despite its title, this work contains only Brahe’s ‘Protogymnasmata’ (1602) and ‘De

mundi aetheri’ (1588), the first two volumes of a never-completed trilogy. The first is a

scholarly work on the 1572 supernova in Cassiopeia, containing Tycho’s observations of

the supernova, revisions of the theories of solar and lunar motion, and a catalogue of the

positions of 777 fixed stars. The second work records Tycho’s observations of the great

comet of 1577, and includes a description of his geoheliocentric theory of the universe.

Tycho’s observations of the supernova and comet led him to abandon the Ptolemaic

concept of heavenly spheres and to deny the Aristotelian hypothesis that nothing new

could be born in the heavens” Quarto.

Stanislaus de Lubienietz, Theatri Cometici pars prior Communicationes de Cometis 1664

et 1665. 1667, Amsterdam, Franciscum Guyperum, three volumes in two with numerous

plates, in alf calf 19th century binding. A few plates missing, but an important work.



 PM18. Nasmyth and Carpenter, “The Moon considered as a Plant, a World and a Satellite”. 1874, 24

photographic plates and numerous woodcuts. Original .  calf binding. Quarto.

C.H. Davis, “Astronomical and Meteorological observations made during the year 1874 and the U.S. Navel

Conservatory”. Washington, 1877. W/Photographic plates in heliotype, original binding. Signed by

Davidson on title page 1877. Quarto.

John Rodgers, “Astronomical and Meteorological observations made during the year 1874 and the U.S.

Navel Conservatory”. Washington, 1882. From the library of G. Davidson, San Francisco. Photographic

Plates and a letter pasted in from naval observatory to Davidson. Signed by Davidson on title page, dated

1883. Quarto.

“Publications of the Lick Observatory of the University of Southern California.” 1894, Sacramento.

Volumes 2 and 3. With numerous helio graveure plates and autotype plates. Original bindings, Quarto.

PA 8,6. Lick Observatory, “Reports on the Observations of the Total Eclipse of the Sun of January 1,

1889”. Sacramento, 1889. Mounted frontis piece photograph. Original binding, Octavo.

PA 8,6. Lick Observatory, “, “Reports on the Observations of the Total Eclipse of the Sun of December

21,22 1889 and of the Total Eclipse of the Moon July 22, 1888. To which is added, the Catalogue of the

Library.” Sacramento, 1891. Two mounted photos, plus additional photographs in the text. Original

binding, Octavo.

Shaler, “A Comparison of the features on the Earth and the Moon”. Washington, 1903. Smithsonian

institution. With Numerous half tone photographs, original binding Quarto. Small Folio.


 Issac Roberts, “A Selection of Photographs of Stars, Star-Clusters and Nebulae”. Two volumes published

in London by Universal Press, 1893. Numerous photographic illustrations in colitype. Original bindings,


PW 4,5. Sir John Herschel, “Results of Astronomical Observations made during the years

1834,35,36,37,38 at the Cape of Good Hope.” London, 1847, Smith Elder and Co. Numerous Illustrations,

signed by Herschel. Dedicated to Edward Everett. Original binding, Quarto.

PDB 45,3. Loisel, “Atlas photographique dais Nuages”, Paris, 1911. Photographic plates of various cloud

formations on heavy board. Quarto and original binding.

PK 27,14. Richard Proctor, “Old and new Astronomy”. London, 1892. Longmans and Green.

Photographic illustration, original binding, Quarto.

Samuel P. Langley, “The New Astronomy” Published Boston, 1888 By ticknor and CO. Original binding,

small Quarto.

PAA 17,7. Ferguson, James. Astronomy explained upon sir. Issac Newton’s Principals”. London, 1799.

With numerous fold out plates, front binding partially detached. Book Plate of Henry Thomas Griffith.

PBX 10,1. Sir Richard Phillips, “The Wonders of the Heavens Displayed in twenty lectures”. London,

1821. Illustrated with numerous fold out engravings. Lower right quadrant of spine missing, contents are

tight, octavo. Original letter binding.

PTD 2,1. Mr. Turner, “A View of the Heavens Being a Short but Comprehensive system of Modern

Astronomy.” 2nd  edition. London, 1733 by Crowder. Illustrated, small quarto. Original boards.

PPB 21,13. Asa Smith, “Illustrated Astronomy Designed for the use of the Public or Common Schools in

the United States”. 5th  edition, New York 1850. Cady and Burgess Publishing. Numerous Illustrations.

Original binding, missing part of spine, quarto.

Liza Bowen, “Astronomy by Observation, An Elementary Textbook for Highschools and Academys”.

New York, American Book co. 1890. Illustrated in the Original binding, Quarto.

PY 4. Valentiner, “Atlas Dais Sonnen Systems”. Lahr, 1884. Mortiz Schauenburg. 25 full page plates

each titled in original binding in Folio volume.

PAA 35,2. Doctor A. Le Vengeur-D’orsan, “Our Satellite, A Selenography According to the Present State

of Science. Part 1, August 1862”. 1862, London, Bennet Publishing. EX Libris. Original mounted

photographs. Folio, original binding loose.

Collection of lantern slides for projection in magic lantern. Circa 1850. 16 Circular glass plates of the

heavens encased in wood, some titled in pencil in original wood box.

PFB 7,6. Guillemin, “Le Cielle”. 5th  edition. Paris, 1877, Hachette publishing. Numerous Illustrations

throughout. Original binding with damage to front cover. Quarto.

PMB 19. Hatton Turnor, “Astra Castra, Experiments and Adventures in the Atmosphere”. London, 1865.,

Chapman and Hall. Illustrations of 19th  century flying contraptions. Origianl .  calf, some damage to spine

but contents tight. Large quarto volume.



Robert Barrow, Moonlight through the Moss, c. 1935

Lick Observatory, printed by Peterson, Orion Nebula, c. 1950

2 photographs, International News Service, solar eclipse, one photograph from the air at

18,000 feet, one on the ground.

21 contact sheets showing various scientists and administrators related to space flight.

Will Connell, Astronomer looking through the Hale Telescope, 1949

Mount Wilson Obs. South Central portion of the moon at last quarter, silver print 1919,

titled with letterpress verso.

1 photo of the Earth from space, 11` x 14 inches

PAA 14, unidentified. An Observatory in the Russian hinterlands. An album of 53 silver

prints, each about 7 x 9 inches, 1935, in a slipcase showing the interior rooms and a

number of large telescopes, the library, and a variety of material around the observatory.

Titles in Russian throughout.

Cruikshank, George, Passing Events, or the Tail of the Comet of 1853, etching, 7 x 15 .

inches. #155 Skydreamers

Yerex, D.F. Photograph taken during an eclipse over New York, toned silver print, 1925,

11 . x 19 inches. #168, Skydreamers.

Barrow, Robert, Attr. Moonlight through the moss, toned silver print, c. 1935, 20 x 16

inches, #169 Skydreamers.

170 Lick Observatory, Orion Nebula, silver print, c. 1950 13 . x 10 . inches. Printed by

Steichen’s printer, R. P. Peterson. A different print of this image was included in

Steichen’s famous exhibition, The Family of Man.

PH 34,1,2 Hunt, “Moonlight” photo, Valdes Bay, Alaska. Silver print, 8 x 6 inches.

Identified and titled in print.

Attr. To Child, Observatory at Beijing China with astronomical instruments. Albumen

print, c. 1870. One can still visit the observatory there today. Matted.

Otto Hagel, The heavens, seen from Santa Rosa, Ca. during a four hour exposure. Silver

print c. 1950 #134 Skydreamers

Keystone View Company, Roger Hayward seated on an exact replica of the moon 38 feet

across at the opening of Griffith Park Observatory, 1934. Silver print, Text verso, #157, Skydreamers



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